Wednesday 10 June 2015

Pondering and Dilemma's

The baby chicks are coming on great
 There is two distinct colours 2 very pale and 2 golden, so does this mean I have 2 cockerels and 2 hens or has there been a mix up and I have 2 light Sussex and 2 of questionable parentage.
I hope its the former then I will keep a breeding trio, time will tell. A bit of a dilemma.

The Chickpeas have germinated 
And the Lentils have germinated
Both have now been planted out in the poly tunnel, I put some supports up for them, so we will see how the get on.

I got some of the pigs liver out of the freezer sliced it up and popped it in the oven
It has now been cut into little chunks as a tasty healthy treat for Sol, 

The rest of the day has spent weeding and planting out the bedding plants that were grown from seed, Zinnia and Cosmos hopefully they will add a splash of colour to the garden, I also planted out some Salvia and Verbascum plants that were grown from seed.
Watering the container plants and pots takes up a fair amount of time each day alone, The containers of mixed bedding are fed a tomato feed twice a week, now on gardeners world the other week a plant grower who specialises in container planting for all these big events said you should feed them every other day to get a good display.
Perhaps I will give that a try another dilemma to ponder over, what does everyone else do ?


  1. Perhaps watering with the food a little but often scenario is better than a large amount once a week were some of it may get washed out. Keep us up to speed on the chickpea and lentil growing, its something I my try too.

  2. I use slow release feed granules on my pots, saves a bit of time/money.
    I like chick peas and lentils, sadly can't eat either :-(

  3. wondering what you feed tomatoes with?

  4. Finally finding time to catch up on the blogs I follow after my weekend away. Some exciting things to grow with the lentils and chick peas. I shall follow their progress.

    I'm with you on the watering round taking a long time now we finally have some sunshine. I try to give a good water every other day, but the plants in small pots need doing daily as they dry out so quickly.

  5. Dawn... a while ago you purchased a meat slicer, can you let me know which one you bought, and if you would recommend it? Thanks.

    And following the growing of the chickpeas and lentils with avid interest!

    1. I did yes its the Buffalo 190mm blade like this one
      but it wasnt red, it is easy to use and clean and was great at cutting the bacon up that I cured :-)

  6. I use slow release granules, it saves thinking about adding food to the water, I water my pots once a week, twice if it is very hot, giving them a good soak, I heard giving them little water each day did not help improve their roots. I don't water the flower beds unless it is really hot.

  7. I've never even thought of growing chickpeas, I must look into it :-)

    I've been watering in the polytunnel with a liquid feed made by filling a freezer bag with Six X, piercing it a few times and dropping it into my water trough like a teabag. It makes a good smelling (is it wrong to like the smell of fertiliser!!) quite dilute feed for everything in there.

    We realised too late that we had filled all the beds with soil taken from the hillside which has proved to be very sparse in it's nutrients, we should have known it's been purely grazing grass in there for years .... a real DOH!! moment. Six X is good at feeding the soil rather than the plants which I think is what we need.

  8. Have you planted any comfrey yet for your tomato food? It's all I used last year (along with nettle) and it worked great. As for the chicks I can never tell but do you want to breed from them if they're related?

  9. When I looked from the chicks to the chickpeas at first I thought, that is a very odd looking chick!! Brain not in gear at all!! xx

  10. Aw... the chicks are cute! Jx


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