Sunday 28 June 2015

A Weekend Of Gifts

I had lots of lovely gifts off Martin this week-end, not the sort of gifts that others would expect but these little things make my life easier and they are very much appreciated, they are gifts I have waited almost a year for.
 First up an outside tap, joy of joys I no longer have to drag the hosepipe through to the kitchen tap to water the poly tunnel, I shall the water timer up on it and the hosepipe can be connected on a permanent basis, I will get it all set up and re-routed this week, this is going to make things a lot easier for me.
Martin also made me some stands for the water barrels behind the greenhouse, the double stand takes an overflow barrel as well, I use these barrels for watering in the greenhouse, the stands were made from left over wood we had from other projects, so no more struggling to fill the watering cans.
As we were dealing with beehives over the week end Martin also made stands for the spare national hives and the ones in use so no ore bricks or blocks they have proper stands again made from left over wood.

We had a very normal week end no pressures to get anything done, we even managed a BBQ last night, we had the first of the courgettes from the garden with new potatoes and some of our pork chops with home made coleslaw. this evening we had duck risotto
using up the last of the duck from last week, and I made a stock from the carcass to cook the risotto in, has Swiss chard from the garden mixed through it. Our duck has provided 6 meals in total.

Today I made up a batch of Lemonade from some of the dehydrated Lemons in the store cupboard
15 slices of lemon 1 cup of sugar and 5lt of cold water 
mix together until the sugar has dissolved
Then leave to stand for 3-4 hours as the lemons re-hydrate they release there flavour
serve cold ideal for the heatwave that's coming.
Made the usual bread as well
this is a mixed seed loaf, it will last me all week.
On Friday I had a parcel arrive
I still haven't go round to opening it, I know what it is so will unwrap it tomorrow and share with you whats inside. I should have a new book arriving tomorrow as well.
Not the most exciting week-end but one of delight for me.


  1. Sounds a great weekend to me! I worked Saturday and Sunday and treated all the ewes for fly strike. Feeling knackard now but busy week ahead as I think we're cutting hay today (if he turns up) and bricklayer coming tomorrow.
    Lemonade sounds great I need to get amd make some more elderflower cordial while it's flowering as we loved it last year.
    I still need to get a timer for the greenhouses but it should make such a difference, also want to get one set up for my tree nursery so they grow at their optimum

  2. Wonderful presents, just the sort that i would choose.

  3. There is no way that parcel would have remained unopened here!! I would just have to know!!! I can totally see why these were good presents, watering can be such a chore when you have to fiddle about can't it. Hope that your week will be just as good!!! xx p.s. amazed about the lemonade! xx

  4. I wouldn't be able to resist opening the parcel, even if I knew what was inside. Great presents, anything which makes life easier is a great gift in my book. Looking forward to hearing which book you've ordered.


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