Wednesday 21 January 2015

1 Teaspoon Of Cheese

Yes 1 teaspoon of cream cheese keeps Kara amused for ages
I put a teaspoon of cheese inside her ball
Its good exercise for that tongue of hers and helps keep her stimulated, it will take he a good half hour to get ever little bit out, she needs a good sleep after all that work.
I then have the job of washing the ball just in case she missed any bits
While she was doing this I was getting some seeds sowed 
Aubergine, Peppers Chillies and some tomatoes, these are all now tucked up in the heated propagator, I havent got electricity in the greenhouse yet so I have them sitting indoors
The postie brought my seed potatoes today
  I have set them all out to chit in trays, there is 5 different types, the cardboard is to separate the different types.
With the days lengthening the perennial flowers in the greenhouse that I have been growing are starting to put on some growth
 Its great knowing we are into a new growing year.
Next week I want to start getting some tender herbs on the go, the ground outside has now defrosted but it is far to wet to be doing anything.
Have you got started with growing this years veg yet ?


  1. My early seed sowing has been a disaster. It puts me right off when seeds don't come up. What have you got covering your seeds? Vermiculite?
    Sometimes I think that after growing our own for 30+ years I want a year off!

    1. I usually use vermiculite, but I have a bag of pearlite left over from last year still to finish so used that as a top dressing instead of compost, it lets the light in and stops the seeds drying out and keeps plenty of air around the seeds I have had better success with germination over the past few years using this method.

  2. I'm behind you,but without any heat in the greenhouse, it's too early for me

  3. I will be reading your blog with interest so I can pick up lots of tips :)

  4. Very clever about the cheese in the ball. Your pre-gardening looks wonderful. We've had lovely weather for the past few days and I've been transplanting. I need to get some seeds started too.

  5. It is amazing how dogs love cheese so much isn't it. You will have lots of lovely potatoes this year! xx

  6. A word of warning, don't take it for granted that once spring starts happening in our area, you are in the clear as we quite often have a cold snap (with SNOW!) in March. Just when your bulbs are out and flowering normally! You are way ahead of me with your seeds, but I always buy young tomato plants that someone else has grown (car boot sale bargains) which works well for me as I don't have a greenhouse (just an airy polytunnel) or indeed, heated propagators. Well done though with making such an early start.

  7. What is it with dogs & dairy. It's the only thing I have to watch the dog doesn't take. Your seedlings are looking very snug under cover x

  8. I'm itching to get started on our plants for this season. Got a while to wait just yet though. All planned and ready , just want to source some Malmaison Carnations. Jean


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