Tuesday 13 January 2015

Snow Day

Today we have had a snow day, they forecast snow for tonight but today it snowed on off all day, sometimes really heavy snow with odd bursts of sunshine
The Alpacas were enjoying the snow, the babies were pronking, which is like what lambs do in the spring sunshine bouncing with all four feet in the air.
Kara was enjoying the snow too
running along and rolling in it like a little pup.
There was break in the snow at feed time so I took advantage and stepped out into the sunshine to do the rounds, it was bitterly cold I hadn't put gloves on and my fingers were freezing, I was glad to get back in doors and warm them in front of the fire
As the sun was setting there was a beautiful sky but I cheated and took a photo off the CCTV screen
They forecast we have more heavy snow to come tonight.
I have spent most of the day crafting, the fencers did turn up and got one gate done, but the snow was getting heavier and it was thought best they called it a day because of the weather.


  1. I thought of you today, as you are above the snow belt where you are. We had some very wet snow either end of the day, but heavy rain and then a dry spell in between. I had a walk up the steep steep hill behind our house, but then it was good to get back indoors. Keep warm.

  2. No snow along the south coast, stay warm and dry xxxxx

  3. We had some snow, there is a light layer on the gardens and roofs. I had a day of sewing and reading. Lovely.

  4. I hope that the snow hasn't been too bad overnight and that you can stay warm and safe. No snow right here, but I am not sure about further afield. I hope that we don't get any! Take care of yourself. xx

  5. We had a little dusting on the car but it was nothing, stay warm and take care x

  6. Ohhh keep safe & warm, we haven't had any here but further up have. x

  7. Looks beautiful, we had some hail, thunder and lightening that was it so no excuse not to go to work damn it :)


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