Tuesday 20 January 2015

Pioneer Women

This book was recommended by Bovey Belle over on codlinsandcream Its a hefty book and I kept it for bedtime reading, there is some lovely photos of times gone past in the book.
Those pioneer women were something else, we have such an easy life compared to them, imagine giving up your home spend months travelling to the promise land to find when you get there the only thing to build a home from is grass sods, it must have been heartbreaking.
I am full of admiration for them I don't think I could have done it.

Today seems to have been a non stop day, feeding animals, cleaning them out, poo picking in the Alpaca fields took forever as a lot of it was frozen solid and stuck to the ground so it had to be hacked up.
fetching in logs, housework sweeping up, washing the floor another thankless task no sooner done then Kara walks in and there is muddy footprints on the floor again, washing done and dinner cooked, everyone one tucked up for the night.
I am now showered  and going to settle down with a bit of stitching and watch Winterwatch :-)


  1. I find this sort of book fascinating. It is amazing to see how people lived isn't it. I think that you are a pretty amazing pioneer woman yourself with all that do you do and make and the animals and making and keeping food and so on! xx

  2. I love books like that. I'm sure you would have made a good pioneer going out west. Did you watch ray mears show last year about how the west was won? Really interesting.

  3. Women are strong, but we have softened over the years, I loved watching my mum, living in a small village in Somerset, her days were hard, nothing back then to make the work easier, but she kept a clean house. Mum always hated fitted carpets saying they were full of dirt.

  4. It's a fascinating book isn't it? I felt so sorry for some of these women - working so hard, having children every year and often losing half of them to childhood infections or accidents. Living in a sod hut can't have been much fun either, especially in the winter months.

    Mind you, you do more hard work than many folk and have chosen your path in life, come what may, so perhaps you have more in common with these women that you think.

  5. I wonder if my library keeps that book. I must ask them when I go next week

  6. Your post is very enriching in all the right ways. It's also rather compelling, seeing how it bridges the account of the pioneer women with the challenges of today. I bet that wasn't accidental. In any case, good luck with all the cleaning that you will have to do around the house. It shouldn't be such a hassle with all the good cleaning gear and equipment that's available. All the best!

    Nathan Riley @ Steemer Atlanta


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