Thursday 22 January 2015

Shaping Up For The Future

It was time to tackle what used to be a hedge at the bottom of the garden
It has become very overgrown over the years and was almost up to the electric cables running over head
Martin (hubby) showed me how to use the small chainsaw, I have been badgering him for weeks to let me use it, the big one scares me but I can manage the small one
yep that me wielding a new power tool 
I was wearing safety goggles
after a morning of work it looked a lot better, now hopefully it will thicken up at the bottom and fill out a bit, we can then keep it under control, the hedge is Hazelnut and Blackthorn, there are a few gaps and I will plant something in there don't know what, I did notice a few young holly seedlings now there is space for them to grow up. It will take a couple of years to shape it up to a decent hedge.
After cutting off all the brushwood, we had a nice little pile of logs that will be cut up and left to season for next winter, all the brushwood is going on a bonfire.
Its Martins birthday today we have just had scallops crispy bacon and fried potatoes for dinner last night I had dinner ready for when he got here 
 Pork Chops with Red Cabbage braised in balsamic vinegar.
I spotted this little visitor to the garden the other day and managed to get a photo today 
A handsome Bullfinch
The photos didn't come out to bad considering I took them through the window.
I have never had bullfinches in the garden before, the other day there was three of them, I hope they make an appearance when I do the bird watch count at the week end.


  1. You will find there are 100s of Bullys around in the hedgerows - I lost count of the ones I saw today (when I drove past the end of your drive twice!) - they are a common bird in these parts, so you will get lots of enjoyment from them.

    Well done with the hedgetrimming and using that chainsaw lopper (never seen one of those before). Cutting and laying is traditional round here (had a revival in recent years) and ensures a really good thick base to a hedge, but obviously costs to get done, but is a skill worth acquiring.

    Belated birthday wishes to your husband. That looked a tasty meal.

  2. We saw two bullfinches last week in a neighbours garden we are also hoping they will visit us in time for the bird watch.

  3. We get the odd bull finch here, I'm not expecting it to make an appearance during our bird watch though. All the scarcer ones tend to appear afterwards! Well done you on your hedge cutting, it really has made a difference hasn't it. x

  4. Great pictures of the bullfinch!! Happy Birthday to your hubby - Martin! xx

  5. Hi that chainsaw looks the business. Could you tell me what make it is, I need one that is small enough for me to lift but strong enough to do the job, like yours. Thanks.


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