Friday 16 January 2015

A Day Of Technology

Today is the day I spent out on a new laptop
I have been giving some thought to a new laptop for some time, the one I have is starting to have a few quirks, so before it dies on me and I end up in tears I decided to buy a new one.
I did a bit of research before I went and the one that took my fancy was in Curry's PC World, it was £399
I went into Curry's hung about waiting for some assistance and felt I was being ignored, I don't suppose it helped I was in my scruffs although I might add I didn't have my wellies on, I think I looked like a lost soul who had just come in to warm up, standing there waving I caught the eye of an assistant, the look he gave me confirmed what I had thought, I told him what I was looking for he then steered me away to the clearance section and tried to sell me a £199 laptop, I was most instant that I wanted the £399 one, eventually he relented and took me over to it asked if I was looking for terms, no cash his response "really" I was very indignant and should have left at that point, I did ask if I got a free bag as in Wales you have to pay for all bags, he half snorted and asked "would you like us to set it up for you it costs £35" no thank you I can manage that myself, he then replied you will need to purchase a 36mgb memory stick and we will load the set up on to it for you to set it up, I couldn't believe it he went on and explained that no matter what laptop I purchased it would be the same, I then pointed out that he had just lost a sale and I would go to Tesco instead, he did say why do you think Gates is so rich.
 I also handed back to him the external back up drive and WiFi range booster I had also intended on buying.
Tesco was the next stop, very nice man not judgemental in anyway, helped me choose the laptop to suit my needs it cost £349 so I saved £50 I didn't need to spend out any extra for set up systems, I also purchased the other bits I was wanting
 1TB of external storage and 
the range extender, that i want to use in the cabin, I can get a signal there but not a strong one.
My old laptop will be taken down the cabin and used there.
I am going to move all my files off the old lap top onto the storage device so if the lap top dies I wont loose everything.
While I was out I picked up some more animal feed but couldnt get any perspex to repair the shed wind or greenhouse that got damaged the other day in all the wind, so Martin will ahve to pick some up at his end and tomorrow I will do a tempory repair.
Tonight I might see about setting up the new lap top or then again it might get done over the week end.


  1. Wow, how rude of the PC World man. I'd have walked out too. Good for you!

  2. Is there no end to your talents? I.T. expert as well :). I have no patience at all for computer stuff, I'm fighting with blogger at the moment aarrggghhhh.

  3. There used to be some useful people in Curry's - but then my son left!!! I think they need to check their staffing ideas (starting with the Managers especially) but I don't blame you for going elsewhere. Don't forget there is 1st KMH too, down at Johnstown.

    It would seem that Tesco do sometimes have their uses . . .

  4. I wouldn't know how to set up a new laptop/computer/ipad thingy, and I have no idea what those extra bits are for. You could get some work doing that.

  5. What is the matter with these people, they are so ughhh!!!! I bought my computer in John Lewis and they were great, but I went to Currys or somewhere similar - cant remember now! - to get a case as JL didn't have any I liked, and they acted as though I couldn't choose a case for a laptop by myself! Grrr!! Anyway, well done you for walking out and going elsewhere, and for setting it up yourself! Hubby did mine and his new one and it was all pretty straightforward! No need to pay someone else! Good on you! xx

  6. I had a similar experience but in Tesco a couple of years back, it's funny how these big businesses spend so much money on customer service training & are often let down by the lack of it! Glad you got sorted in the end

  7. After 9 months my lap-top shed a couple of keys, so I took it back to Curries / PC World and asked for it repaired under the 12 month guarantee. "No, that isn't part of the guarantee, but we can send it back to the maker who will tell us how much it will cost to fix, usually about £100, alternatively I could possibly repair it for about £40 here" Which I thought was a bit much.
    Took it to my local friendly computer whizz-kid, who ordered the keys on-line for £10, they came in 2 days and he repaired it in a few minutes, didn't want anything, I owe him a favour.

    Next up, about 2 months ago our old washer / dryer gave up, so I investigated the models available, and came up with the Samsung, unfortunately Curries is the only local supplier, so reluctantly I visited their store, the model I wanted was on display, but they couldn't deliver for 3 weeks and tried to persuade me to change my mind for a different model which they had in stock for 5 day delivery, and that they were the only local supplier; they also wanted £20 delivery charge.
    I asked my son who recently bought one where he got his, and he directed me to a little-known locally-owned showroom on an industrial estate; when I visited them, they had the model in stock, free delivery next day, plumbed in, old machine removed, and he even gave me a discount which meant he was £3 more expensive than Curries (on a £660 machine)

    Curries are just a shower of robbing bastards.

  8. I wouldn't touch PC World with a barge pole ever again - nor would I recommend them ! the service is awful, nothing sort of rude and insulting, and the after 'care' help/advice etc., is non existent unless you pay for it, and even then it's a rip-off, after they have your money, you are just a nuisance to them. oh and try getting something under the terms of their guarantee ! - on second thoughts, don't ! you'll be wasting your time.

  9. We bought our sons laptop in Currys before Christmas - they were very helpful, but there is no need to pay anything else for set-up. We didn't, we just paid the shelf price (they very kindly told us that if we delayed our purchase it was going to be reduced, which we did) Apparently they are no longer on commission, with the idea that they just sell you what is suitable. Epic fail in your branch! Glad that Tescos came through and you got what you needed. x


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