Sunday 25 January 2015

Battering Ram Lambert

In answer to yesterdays Mystery Pics, yes Janice was right, a bottle drying rack to save him trying to stack upturned bottles on the draining board, a bottle washer and yes the final photo was my Oyster mushrooms, that I started a couple of months back, they then had to be moved somewhere cold for 6 weeks then brought back in the warm, I moved them into the porch and forgot about them until last week, oops but now they seem to be going great guns.
Martin built Lambert a shelter the other day 
showing off his new shelter, he seemed to like it somewhere to get out of the rain and snow if he wanted 
Obviously not
he bashed it down 
Martin re-built it and Lambert knocked it down again, it has now been taken away and the pig arc has been put in his field if he wants to shelter he can go in there.
Got a couple of good pics of the baby alpacas today 
This is Liberty she is very quiet 
This is Imogen who we call MeMe as that is the noise she makes all the time, she is always chuntering 
I did the bird watch count this morning and 2 of the bullfinches made an appearance and several chaffinches, the rest of the day consisted of bread making and doing some more patchwork blocks.
Off to do dinner now.


  1. When they take a dislike to something, it doesn't take long for it to be got rid of. Our ram and wether were on the campsite one winter and the ram took a dislike to a plastic feed sack that was tied over the electric hook-up point. Cost us several £s to replace the hook up before we opened the next spring

  2. Hubby did the bird watch and we had so few visitors, less than normal. Hubby was not impressed.

  3. I thought the bottle holder might be that and dismissed the idea! xx


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