Thursday 8 January 2015

A Sunshine Day

So what did today bring along the sunshine, after doing the rounds of feeding, 
I got some logs split 
I wanted to get the Rayburn oven hot as I had bread making on the agenda, I find if the logs are split down they give more heat, 
With the log basket full and the fire stoked I got the bread proving 
I also got some prawns out to defrost 
I had in mind to do a risotto for dinner 
while the bread was proving I decided to clean the glass on the log burner 
I bought this cleaner the other day 
Before the blacken glass
Really easy to use, spray it on leave for 5 mins, wipe off with a damp cloth
One nice clean window
I can see the fire again, the fire was then laid ready for a match to be put to it later.
The bread got baked 
A little pale but it tasted fine.
I then got down the cabin finished sorting it out and got some card making done, pics on my craft blog.
Kara and me walked up to the post box to collect the post, then it was time for afternoon feeds I had a quick check on the mouse traps and yes we had one
a little mouse in one of the rat traps, when I removed it and re-set the trap Kara grabbed the mouse and started to devour it, I got it back from her. She cant get to the traps they are out of her reach just as well.
I got my dinner on the way 
Prawn and Chirozo Risotto with bread and butter.
The fire is lit I am going to shut up the chooks and ducks then jump in the shower, its been a very satisfying day, gets lots done.


  1. We clean ours with hob cleaner putting it on with a non scratch sponge and rubbing off with a piece of newspaper.

  2. Your dinner looks scrummy! That glass cleaner is amazing isn't it. That is one of the things I would be worried about with a stove - how to keep the glass clear - so it is good to know that if the stove gods should ever bestow a stove for my use, I don't have to worry about the glass! Who knew you could stay stove so many times! In answer about the bookmark, no, I don't have anything to protect it. I will just use it! I am working on the there is no point having stuff and it being all perfect and never being used and loved theory! xx

  3. Clean glass for free by scrunching up a page of newspaper and dabbing it in water then dab it in the cold ash inside the log burner and wipe glass. All the black comes off so easily without effort.

  4. A very rewarding day! Your bread looks really good and so does the fire viewing glass. I love ours but it does need frequent cleaning.

  5. I hope that's not mouse risotto your having! I still yearn for a wood burner of my very own x

  6. Your risotto looks delicious as does the bread. That glass cleaner looks like good stuff, it worked very well.

  7. I have used hob cleaner in the past to clean our log burner glass, it works really well. But I will also give the paper/water/ash a go too now.


  8. That sounds like a very satisfying day. The risotto looks scrumptious : )


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