Friday 24 October 2014

Mud Glorious Mud

Yes my garden, well part of it, in an effort to get on with the fencing I had arrange for a neighbour to come round with the digger, break up the old concrete drive fill in trenches and dig another ditch bringing the water pipe onto our land.
within moments of starting the rain came down, we worked through it and before long we were up to our knees in mud as the day went on it only got worse but we kept up with the job in hand it just had to get done, disaster struck when we stopped for a cuppa and noticed water bubbling up through the mud where we hadn't been digging, checking it out we had damaged the existing old water pipe with the digger wheels when we were filling trenches, water got turned off we dug out the old pipe there was an existing join in it that had ruptured, it took us three hours to get this repaired and the extra water added to a mud field didn't help matters, we were slipping and sliding but we stayed in high spirits.
The job has now been done and the fencers can get on with completing the boundary fence.
The top end of the garden has now been completed and is looking great, it wont be long before I can get my planting out done, I still have some evergreen trees to put in, then further down the fence I have some, Grapes, Passion Flowers, Clematis and Kiwis to plant along the fence I will also be able to finish planting out the Lavender along the drive it has been on hold knowing the digger was coming in to dig up a trench through the garden. I have also been with the fencers out in the five acres putting in marker posts for the post and rail around the apiary and orchard and stock fencing for paddocks.
The fire is now lit and I am settling down for the evening waiting for hubby to arrive.


  1. Dawn are you superwoman you just get things done, can't wait to see your planting

  2. That sounds like a goodday's work - apart from the water pipe that is. Why do they have to plant themselves just where you don't need them to be?!

    1. These old water pipes are a real pain, no-one knows were they all are some run over the ground and some under, it will be great when the new supply is fixed up


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