Wednesday 8 October 2014

Onions and Garlic

At long last my onion sets and garlic bulbs have arrived, I was really disappointed with Sutton's regarding there delivery, they were ordered about 3 weeks ago, it stated on there web site they were in stock and it was a 5/7 day delivery, it has taken 2 e-mails and a phone call to get them sent out, I phoned them on Monday and told them how disappointed I was as there was still no delivery, and it was now 3 weeks, I asked for a refund as I wished to cancel my order, the lady on the phone told me that was not possible as they had now been dispatched. I think that was a fob off, they arrived today so they must have sent them out on Monday after I complained.
Anyway it has saved me searching around for more 
 Garlic, I have got Messidrome, Edenrose and Purple Wight
 Shallots are Yellow Moon, Griselle and Longor
The Onions are Senshyu Yellow, Radar and red onions are Electric 
Now I just have to get them planted. 
The morning started off fine and I managed to get my Leeks in so that's another job off the list, the weather then turned foul, thunder lightning and torrential rain, I took to the cabin to do some sewing but we then had intermittent power failures with the storm, so I gave up on that came back indoors and had a sort off clothes, I have put all my summer clothes away, sorted out jumpers and nice thick socks.

The electrician arrived late this afternoon, he brought some replacement fluorescent tubes for the kitchen, and replaced the one that has gone, so I can now see properly in the kitchen, he also fitted the outside light on the cabin for me.
It took me ages to find one I liked, I new I wanted a lantern shape and something a bit ornate, when I had trips into town I had a look around but couldn't find anything I liked, so I trawled the Internet and found this one on Amazon it was £26.99 with a free delivery through Prime. I really like the look of it. There is also other outside lights in the same range, I might get some others for the garden.
Hubby is due home tonight, and tomorrow I am off to Milton Keynes to spend a couple of days in the shop, I will be home again on Saturday. 
There is high winds forecast tonight again, stay safe everyone.


  1. Hope the weather wasn't too bad for you last night. It's frustrating waiting for a delivery that doesn't turn up when expected.

  2. Poor customer service is so annoying. Sometimes your only response is to order from somewhere else next time.Love the lantern. It looks really classy.

  3. It is so annoying when things like this happen with delivery, if they had said it would be three weeks you would have either been happy to wait or ordered elsewhere, but to do this and then not own up and apologise, is unacceptable I think! Glad you got sorted in the end though. xx

  4. Suttons seem to be good quality but very slow at coming out to you. When I ordered my stuff in the spring it took weeks to get to me. The seeds I ordered must have been sat in some shelving somewhere ready to go but still took 3 weeks.


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