Friday 31 October 2014

Dont Cry Over Spilt Milk

Had a bit of an accident this morning, I dropped the milk, my hands are pretty stiff in the morning and it just slipped straight out of my hands, just as well it wasn't a glass bottle
Kara thought she should help clean it up 
And she did a great job without any complaints, shame she doesn't clean up her paw prints.
It has been so mild here today its hard to believe its November tomorrow, taking advantage of the weather I spent most of the day out doors
Getting the garlic and shallots in the ground
Look at the size of this fella, I would be elated if mine grew that big, the advantage of this big boy is you get nice big cloves from it, no wastage of little cloves they were all a nice even size so they could all get planted out, not like this one
I use the nice plump big cloves then the small skinny ones go into the kitchen to be used up.
Three different lots of garlic Mesidrome, Purple Wight and Edenrose went into this bed along with Shallots Longor and Griselle, I still have another bag of shallots to get out and the onions but need another 2 raised beds made first.
In the greenhouse I notice some of my seeds were up 
They are teeny tiny but they are there, they are the Aubretia its great to see my little seeds growing.
I must show you what I spent the day doing yesterday 

Yes my kitchen food cupboards now all organised stuff in jars and every jar has a label, it has been something that has been grating on me since we moved in, the kitchen looked liked a bomb site afterwards, strewn with empty packages, it didn't take long to clear up and now I have organised happy cupboards.


  1. There's nice and tidy : ) I prefer to store all my dry goods in glass jars too, although I have some hefty earthenware pots for stuff like flours, rice, etc.

  2. Snap, I like glass jars, really airtight and you can see at a glance what needs restocking. I expect Kara enjoyed her milk, I hope that it did not run under the cupboard. I have spent ages, on and off, getting my cupboards organised and now have decided that I do need to replace the microwave so have to rethink again. It will have to go on the kitchen trolley and of course that is loaded with stuff that will have to be rehomed elsewhere. Never mind, all in the fullness of time. I was in Lidl this morning and they have 500g packs of Pulled Pork for well under £2, I hope it is nice as I had a "moment" and bought 4 packs.

  3. I would be great if we could buy things loose and forget all the unwanted packaging, think of the tree's we could save.

  4. It is so nice to be labelled and organised and know what is where isn't it, one of those things that always takes a while after moving house or any sort of reorganisation. It sounds as though you are very organised with the care of the animals and their feeding too. xx

  5. Your cupboards look brilliantly organised, I do like things in jars as is plain for all to see on the pictures on my Blog today :-)

    Dogs are brilliant at 'hoovering' up anything we drop or spill aren't they, looks like she did a good job.

    I got my garlic in last month and it is romping away. Hopefully we will have lots of lovely garlic to eat next year.


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