Saturday 4 October 2014

Friday Was A Bad Day

Yesterday was one of those days when I should have stayed in bed.
It started with waking up late, 7-30 the animals all get fed at 7am so already I was off to a bad start, the Alpacas don't wait around for there breakfast, I didn't get out there until 8am and the boys had left there feeding area in disgust and were down the bottom of the field.
After everyone was fed I did some toast the Rayburn was too hot, toast burnt set off the smoke alarm, dog starts barking and the fluorescent tube in the kitchen decided to go and start flashing. 
Chaos reigned, it was blowing a gale outside and opening the door and window to let out the smoke had us a gale blowing through the house.
Kara wandered outside and disappeared, she was in the animal field gobbling down the feed from the chicken feeder, and the Alpacas were ready for a stand off with her, getting her back in the house, she decided to throw up on the living room carpet. 
Cleared up the mess and scrubbed the carpet, still very blustery outside, I noticed all the off cuts of insulation that hubby had left beside the cabin were blowing all over the place, went out to retrieve them, and Kara went walk about again, heading over to the horse field. 
At this point the Alpacas kicked off big time deciding to have a fight.
When fighting they try to bite each others testicles, spitting and screaming at each other, the noise is horrendous, you wouldn't want to come between two alpacas fighting, just let them get on with it and watch for injury's, when they finish they stand around with there mouths open, 
As you can see Oddjob has a mouth full of spit which is the contents of there stomach, all green and smelly and obviously nasty tasting, they then find some leaves to chew on to help get rid of the taste.
By now it was lunch time Kara had managed to get out yet again so now she was kept on her lead, we headed down the cabin so I could do a bit of sewing on my panel, even that went wrong, I dint notice that the section that I was sewing I had put a bit of fabric on back to front so it didn't match section 2
 So that was it I threw in the towel, went back indoors switched on TV dug out my crochet, made a cuppa and settled down, flicking through the channels I found I had next to none, the wind had moved the TV Ariel.
It was just one of those days.
Today was a lot better, got up to lovely sunshine, we had some heavy rain during the night, my lovely neighbour C junior lent me some gates and sheep hurdles and helped me secure the area so Kara couldn't get out, after we got it done I decided the log pile that was now soaking wet had to be moved to a dry area
 One soaking wet log pile

This was the area I decided to clear, it was were we dumped a lot of gardening stuff on moving day.

Got it all out and swept up, there was a lot of bits of broken glass in there, 

Most of the logs have now been re-stacked

Builders disrupted my work, the came to finish off rendering the chimney and needed the wheelbarrow I was using, will get it finished tomorrow.
As I couldn't finish the job in hand I took myself into the kitchen and made some cookies 
Double chocolate chip cookies, they have Dark and White chocolate chunks in them.
I have put a load in a tub as a thank you to my neighbour.
This evening I did myself a Paella for dinner
So a better day all round, thank goodness the sun shone today,  hubby isn't home this week end he has a lot of work on, so I am holding the fort on my own.
Do you ever get those days when you wish you hadn't got up ?


  1. Sorry you had such a bad day. It happens to us all once in a while. Tomorrow will be better.

  2. Oh dear, some days it just isn't worth getting out of bed! Well there was me thinking that alpacas were such sweet little things.....biting each others testicles!!

    1. Just like all male species they like show they are the tough one

  3. Oh my sweet, I hope the week is better for you never mind the day after. I've think there are some Alpacas in the field next to the one my house backs onto. I think I shall be keeping well away!

    1. They are a very calming placid animal its only when you have males together they will be fights. Enjoy them and listen out for humming.

  4. Oh dear, that sounds like a horrible day, the sort of day that is best written off and forgotten about in the hopes that tomorrow will be a better day! I hope that your week is a good one with no problems - especially no more Alpaca fights! xx

    1. So far so good, the Alpacas have tiffs like everything then they have a big stand off.

  5. I had no idea Alpacas were so vicious.
    Things can only get better, apart from the weather which is iffy all week I think

    1. Male Alpacas are the ones that fight for dominace.

  6. I had a bad day yesterday!

    1. Oh dear, I hope today has been a better day :-)


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