Wednesday 1 October 2014

1st of the Month Shopping

Went to do a top up shop today, keeping it to the bare essentials as I really want to use up what is in the cupboards and freezer.
The shopping list 
S.R. Flour
Caster Sugar
Crisps (for hubby) 
I stuck to my list the only things I picked up that were not on the list were Satsumas £1 for a bag, I do like satsumas, 1 small red cabbage, 1 small white cabbage small bag of carrots 1 bag of apples.
I didn't need any cleaning materials or toiletries.
For Breakfast I had one of the sachets of instant porridge, I have a big tub of them to get through, I used to take them to work. 
Lunch was a tin of Heinz tomato soup.
Dinner tonight I made some coleslaw from the veg I bought, grated red cabbage, grated white cabbage grated carrots and grated onion dressed with mayonnaise pepper and Dijon mustard.
Its a big bowl full so plenty for the rest of the week.
I had a couple of steak and smoked garlic burgers from the freezer that were bought reduced, with jacket potato and a few cibatta garlic bites that were also in the freezer.
I have a packet of Cibatta bread mix so I think I will have a go at making some of these garlic bites with it.

Shopping takes up nearly half a day, on my way back from Mr T's I called into the pet shop and picked up a dog whistle, I want to use it with Kara (Kiara) I find she is more responsive to the name Kara so I wonder if that was how her previous partner pronounced it.
I have put a barrier around part of the garden so I can now open the door for her and not worry about her wandering off. We did a bit of whistle training and it went OK. She is also learning to get her feet dried after being out in the rain as well she is happy to stand there while I dry her off. 

I did the crochet ghost coasters for the shop

I really don't know were the day has gone, I don't seem to have got anything done, we have had showers this afternoon and we were lucky we timed our walk between rain. 
I feel shattered so I am going to curl up on the sofa and find something on TV to watch.


  1. Love the ghost Dawn!! It sounds as though Kara is settling in well, she must have decided that she is happy with you! xx

  2. I'm attempting a bit of the same myself this month. If I send Mike with a very small list of just the items we require I will be able to do it. Love the look of your coleslaw & I'm glad Kara is settling in nicely for you.


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