Friday 17 October 2014

New Mode Of Transport

Mr Blogger wouldn't let me post last night and wouldn't let me save the post I did so here is just a quickie
When I went away to Milton Keynes last Thursday Hubby had arranged delivery of a new mode of transport for me
 Yeahhhhh I have a quad bike, he got it through some-one we have come to know since moving here.
Her name is Blodwyn
As we only had Sunday together before he went back to work there just wasn't time for me to have a try out under supervision, I have now familiarised myself with Blodwyn through the help of good old you tube.
She has lights so I can venture out in the dark and she has a winch on the front 
I am sure that will come in handy a some point. Those lights are just calling out for some eyelashes.
She also has a tow bar
so now I have to get a little trailer for when I need to take things like animal feed water straw or hay down the fields.
 She has electronic gears 1-5 and reverse and a cute little horn that goes beep.
I am sure Blodwyn is going to be a very useful addition to our little small holding.
Blodwyn by the way means Little Flower  I guess she has to be decorated then :-)


  1. If you start decorating your quad with flowers I will be seriously worried about you!. Have fun but take care on slopes.

  2. Oh what fun!! I miss my motorbike days, though 4 wheels would probably be safer for me now.

  3. Now that looks a fun bit of kit! I wouldn't mind one myself, but I could see myself as becoming quite a hooligan so perhaps not. But sooooo useful for doing things around the farm, that is what I think. Enjoy!

  4. I hope that you and Blodwyn will be very happy together!! The mushrooms from your last post were fascinating too. xx

  5. Looks like great fun - and scary!


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