Thursday 30 October 2014

Feeding Routines On The Homestead

I was chatting with a friend the other day on the phone and she was asking how I manage to get round everyone in the morning with feeds and what I did about the clock change.
The clock change I started working on a couple of weeks before it happened, just by changing there feed time making it a bit later each morning, my mornings are very much set in stone,
during the week when I am here on my own I get up between 6am and 6-30am week ends I let hubby do the feeding. He does the same routine as me.
So let me walk you through my morning routine
Stoke the Rayburn up is first port of call, then while I wait for the kettle to boil 
Switch on the washing machine to take advantage of the economy 7 reduced rate.
Then I get a cup of tea to drink on the go 
Get dressed then its usually 7am and its time to feed Kara 6oz of dried feed
Coat and boots on head outside and into the barn to start putting every ones breakfast together 
First up is the Alpacas 3 small scoops of feed each 
here they are waiting for breakfast, if its late they are not happy
They get stuck into there breakfast as I head back to the barn for the next one 
Pigs are next 10lb of feed between them Kara hoovers up any crumbs I drop
The girls quickly demolish there breakfast 
1 large scoop of layers pellets for the chooks 
They dash out as if there lives depend on it
Then its the ducks 1 large scoop of layers pellets 
They don't rush for there feed they prefer to stretch there wings and get a drink first 
On the way back its bring in the logs for the day 
Then the floor needs a wash yes Kara that's your muddy footprints
All cleaned up 
and its now getting on to 8pm and time 
For my breakfast, Bran Flakes and dried cranberries today 
And another cup of tea while I check e-mails and decide how I am going to spend the rest of day.
4pm its feed time again Hay for the Alpacas, 2lb of feed with vegetables for the pigs, 1 cup of corn for the chooks and ducks to share, then 5pm Kara gets her supper another 6oz of food then last of all after there all done and shut up for the night and feeders brought in I get to sort out my dinner.
Yes we very much have a routine I think its important for the animals and for me :-)


  1. Animals are much happier for routine aren't they? Without it, it is easy to forget someone and "lookering" your stock the same time each day helps you to notice the small changes that tell you something isn't quite right.
    Do ducks EVER do what you expect or want of them?!

  2. Now I know the secret of how you get so much done, Routine! Rather than bumbling around deciding what I am going to do today and wasting half of it Back to writing a schedule for myself I think.

  3. People without animals don't understand how important to the animal's health, routines are...I am up early, too, to get everyone fed in the barn and house, and then off to the gym for an early workout/swim before back for stall cleaning, etc...

  4. PS sometimes I get down to the gym and realist I have forgotten to feed myself.....

  5. Other than two cats, no animals here, but I love a daily routine.

  6. That's a useful insight into animal husbandry, for us folk who are considering having animals.



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