Monday 6 October 2014

Pumpkins and Sunshine

After a very blustery night, strong winds causing things to crash and bang all night, my thoughts suddenly turned to the bee hives, the direction the wind was blowing I was expecting to see this morning the hives had been turned over, the thought of dealing with angry bees first thing in the morning filled me with dread, I awoke to calm, looked out the window and everything seemed in place, venturing out to feed the animals I gingerly looked down the field to hives and yippee they were all still in place, what a relief.
After getting everyone fed and stoking up the Rayburn a quick shower and change of clothes and I headed off to the craft group, there was a few branches down in the road the sun came out and it was a promising day, I watched a big buzzard taking off across the road they are so big and graceful.
At the craft group I had promised to show them how to make the little pumpkin ornaments.
I also took along the bigger one I made last year from pair of old jeans and a crochet one.
On the way home the sun was shining and it was a promising look to the day.
After a quick change of clothes I got stuck into moving the rest of the log pile 
All moved and tucked up in the lean to, we can now get the painting done
the porch at the front has been rendered
Along with the chimney
It was all finished on Saturday, fingers crossed we will get a couple of fine days to get it all painted.
Good news on the water front, we should be connected to our own supply on Friday, and the fencers are pencilled in to start on Monday, yippee.
making the most of the sunshine Kara and me went off for a walk this afternoon.
 We headed off to a different part of the forest, it was all downhill
On the way back up Kara had to keep stopping for a rest, I would of happily gone on further but the old dear just isn't used to it, she is now flaked out in front of the fire.
I have made a start at moving plants round to the greenhouse that are going to need some winter protection, I want to get the insulation up in the greenhouse first, otherwise I will only have to  empty it again, so perhaps tomorrow I will get started on that.
Spent a bit of time in the cabin as well working on my Autumn sampler. 
I hope you all had lovely sunshine today.


  1. Another very busy day for you! I am glad that you didn't suffer any damage and that the house repairs are coming along well, I know how good it feels to get these things done! xx

  2. We are staying near Brecon and had a rough night with weather, so glad to hear you are all intact.

  3. Love the pumpkin decorations-so autumnal. Sounds like a busy but productive day and glad that the winds didn't do any damage.

  4. The porch looks so good doesn't it? I love watching your progress on the house. Nice to see Kara too. I expect you will help her increase her fitness levels even though she is a good age.

  5. Love your pumpkins! I expect Kara will become fitter following you around with all your busyness.


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