Tuesday 7 October 2014

A Few Words From Kara

The human lady I live with tells me that lots of people live in blog land and I would like to say hello to them
My name is Kira but my new human calls me Kara, I like that, I arrived here on my 8th Birthday, I used to live with another lady human who got around on wheels, I worked for her for a long time and did lots of things to help her, I went to puppy school at Dogs for The Disabled, they taught me lots of things, I was a very good pupil and passed all my exams, I am a very clever dog. 
I was very happy working for the lady with the wheels, sometimes it was hard work and my back legs would be very sore, 2 weeks ago these other humans come to our house and they took me away, they also took my toys and my bed, I didn't understand what was happening, the lady with the wheels gave me lots of hugs and said good bye, she seemed upset I thought I must have done something really bad to be taken away. 
over the next week I went to 4 different houses to live but they kept sending me away, no-one wanted me I was so upset and confused. 
Then the day before my birthday this man human came to see me, we went out into the field and played but he went away as well.
Then the next day he came back, he put my things in his big car and told me to come with him, we were in the car a long time, he was singing in the car and seemed happy, I was wondering were I was going this time, I couldn't sleep in the car I was too anxious.
when it was getting to dinner time we stopped and he got me out, another lady human came and said hello, there was lots of strange things at this place, animals I have never seen before it was very exciting seeing them all. They gave me dinner and I was so tired I fell asleep.
Next day they the humans took me to the field to run around, there was lots of new smells.
It was an exciting day lots of new things to discover, the next day the lady human went to take me in her big car, I tried to jump in the back but it was too high for me, I am sure I could have got in but I was very anxious was she taking me away again, the man human helped me in the car and off we went, the place we went to was a big shop for dogs and cats, there was lots of lovely smells there, and they had a big bowl of treats sitting by the door, I just couldn't help myself and grabbed a mouthful as we walked past. 
We got back in the car and the lady human took me back to her place. 
The next day the man human went away, I haven't seen him since don't know were he has gone. 
I have tried to be good as I don't want to be sent away again, every day the lady human goes to another place at the bottom of the garden and I go with her, she does things with material, I don't really understand what she does but it makes her happy, I just sleep.
One day a small human came over and played for a long time with me 
It was good fun playing with him, sometimes the lady human gives me a special toy to play with 
she hides treats in it, it is really difficult to get some of the treats out but I manage because I am clever.
Sometimes I play tricks on the human lady, she has a box with some of her material in and when she is not looking I take some of the material out and drop it on the floor beside her, the lady human thinks she has dropped it and asks me to help her pick it up then gives me a treat for helping. She doesn't know it was me who dropped it hehehe, don't tell it its a secret.
I like being here and I hope I can stay, I get plenty to eat, and every day for lunch I get a carrot 
I like carrots they help keep my teeth clean 
Today I got a bit worried again, the lady human was going to take me in her car and I thought I was going to be taken away, this time she had a special thing to help me get in the car 
I was very nervous about using it but I am a brave clever dog 
and every time I went up and down it I was given a treat. We went for a drive in the car and she brought me back again, I like to think she brought me back because she likes me and wants me to stay, I do hope so. 

Its been lovely telling you all about myself perhaps one day the lady human will let me tell you some more.
I wonder what happened to the man human ?


  1. Don't worry anymore Kara, the lady human is very clever too and she will look after you now. She might also let the man human back in the house if he behaves as well as you.


  2. Ah Kara, you have the female human well trained. All you need to remember is to look at her with your puppy dog eyes and she'll be putty in your hands. No one can resist a labrador... trust me, my humans are well trained. Love Anni B x

  3. Awww, that's me blubbering x

  4. Awww that's so sweet, looks like you are here to stay Kara! xx

  5. Lovely post, your a clever dog Kara.

  6. Clever Girl Kara. Please use the ramp to get in and out of the car, it is much easier on your back legs. I know because my mum got one for me as I have arthuritis in my back legs and can't jump in the car like I used to. I love carrots too!


  7. Darn, it would have been great to meet all your animal family and Kara, where are you based.

  8. I think that the lady human has fallen in love with you Kara and she wants to keep you forever and ever and that she loves that you help her with her sewing and keep her company. The man human will come back, so don't worry and he will be just as nice too! I am very glad that you have found a new home that you love so much and I hope that you will be very happy and that the humans will be too! xx


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