Wednesday 22 October 2014

Sale Bargains and Insulation

A trip into town and I picked up some bargains in Wilko's 
Pea and Bean netting all reduced to 30p each 
I got several packs of each of these vine eyes, S hooks, screw eyes and nuts and bolts all 20p a pack
Plant Labels all 10p a pack
8m rolls of lawn edging 20p each
Hessian sacks 20p each
Plant minerals 50p a box 
There sale has been running for some time but this is the first chance I have had to pop in, I am very happy with my purchases its all things I will use next year.
I rally don't know were the day has gone today, its been lovely calm and mild outside and it has stayed dry today, I did finish insulating the greenhouse
All wrapped up ready for winter, I was going through some seeds and got out the sweet peas ready to sow and a few other perennial plants that are due to be sowed, we are bound to get a rainy day this week so that is a little job I can do in the greenhouse.
I also got the brassicas covered over they have been getting a bit of pigeon damage so that is another job done, I put washing on first thing this morning then forgot to put it out, 
I also picked up some insoles when I was out in the pound shop 
I have put some in cloggies the old soles were worn out and some in my wellies again the heel in one of them has worn out.
In fact it was the same on both pairs and only on the left one, I must walk funny and put a lot of pressure on my left heel, not that I have noticed and no-one has ever mentioned that I walk funny. 
I will have to look at my other shoes now, the insoles for £1 are great its like wearing slippers, I will pick up a couple of packs next time I am out and put them away,
 I think it was Sue that mentioned in her blog Sue's Blog about putting in new insoles that gave me the idea, my cloggies I have had for years and still have plenty of life in them, the wellies are not even a year old yet and I really didnt want to buy another pair just yet. 
That about sums my day up, be back tomorrow.


  1. Hi ya, I love my clogs. Maybe it is the leg you lean on when digging? The other one going on the spade or fork

    Fab haul of goodies.

  2. I'll have to pop over to wilkos then! Look like good bargains!

  3. oooh i'm in town tomorrow I shall have to pop into our Wilkos in case they too have a sale.
    I've just mended my wellies with duct tape.

  4. Miss shops like Wilko. Here in our part of France there are no such shops, although there might be if I was to look harder and didn't mind driving the distances to get to them!

  5. Some real bargains there. Must pop into Wilko's today too. Perhaps we have walked past each other when in town! as I see we are in the same county . . .

    1. I had a quick look at your blog, lovely photos if ever you are over the Brechfa area give me a shout. :-)

  6. We're only 5 miles down the road! We'll have to meet at the shop or something : )

    1. We will have to arrange a meet up, drop me an email and we will see what we can sort out. :-)


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