Thursday 23 October 2014

Just Walking In The Rain

It was a day of that drizzly rain the stuff that soaks you through before you realise it, I spent some of the day in the greenhouse sowing flower seeds
Lavender, Lupins, Aubritia Lychinis, Veronica and one big tray at the back with Sweet Peas, I usually forget to sow them in the Autumn then come Spring I think sweet peas and there is so much else going on plant wise they get forgotten about until its too late and I have to buy plants in, but not this year they are sown so lets hope they grow and do well.
We headed out for a walk down into the forest and I was really hoping to see the waterfall, I can always hear it but its shrouded in brambles this was the best I could see of it
 Not a very good photo I might have to take my shears with me and cut out a peep hole
on our way back up the track Kara picked out our Christmas tree
Yes this is the chosen one. 
And when we get back she lays claim to the fire to warm herself up
I don't get a look in until she is warmed up.

The fencing is really coming along 
Yes Kara is checking out the workmanship on the fencing, it has given a completely different look to the garden now, the 90m stretch down the garden is not far off complete, then they will make a start on the post and rail fencing out in the paddock. 
We are still waiting for the water to be connected and today I put in a formal complaint with the Welsh Consumer Council Board who got straight on to the water board, the water board have now raised it as a priority and Monday the contractors will be digging out to the water main and Tuesday we will be connected up so they say, I wont hold my breath we have been waiting since August the 14th when the inspector told us it will be completed within 2 weeks, since then we have been fobbed off with excuses so 2 months on I have had to get a third party involved and if they fail to complete as they have said they will legal action will be taken against the water board. 


  1. A dry, sunny day here today. Glad you have reminded me about sweet peas - we have always meant to sow at this time of year but always forget. I can't tell you how bad our sweet peas have been the last few years - it's a long time since we had a good display. Re animals and heat. Our cats keep sitting on the heaters. We have a glass fronted solid fuel fire that we light when really cold - but the cats keep putting their noses on the glass! Years ago we just had a little two bar electric fire. One evening there was a terrible smell of burning and I rushed round frantically looking for the source with my dear cat Mittens running beside me. Then I found it was her tail burning! x

  2. You have reminded me I need to sort out some flowers, I always forget until I see everyone else's flowers growing, then its too late.


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