Sunday 3 July 2016

Who Lurks In Your Plug Hole

Yesterday morning I went to have a shower, turned it on to warm up, undressed, stepped in the shower, 
got all soap up and noticed that the water wasn't draining away,
I looked down at the plug hole and froze, I could see something furry climbing through the soap suds, thinking the worse was it a rat, our plug hole in the shower is fairly deep.
As the creature climb up further I could see it wasn't a rat, 
it was a
 Bat, now I had to decide what to do, naked dripping wet covered in soap, I scooped him up and popped him in the towel, took him downstairs and put him in a box with some kitchen paper to dry off and recover from his hot soapy wake up call.
 He was released in the evening the cleanest bat out there last night, how he got in the plug hole we will never know.
Today was a lovely sunny hot day, I have spent the day weeding the veg areas and fruit cage.
A bit of a wander around the poly tunnel and picked the first couple of chilies
 I also did a bit of a tidy up of the grape vine, 
I used some of the leaves for dinner
 Stuffed vine leaves we had them with some
pulled pork
 We have got a lot of jobs done this week, its all starting to fall into place now or at least it feels like it is.
Another bit of news the rescued eggs from our neighbour after she had a fox attack, I had them under a broody well they have hatched, there was four we know at least two have hatched we should find out in the next day or so if they all made it.


  1. Oh my goodness, who was the most surprised, I find bats here hiding behind plant pots in the garden but never shower, Dawn I laughed reading this..did you blush????

  2. Oh we had a bat inside once! Flying around the house in the early hours. I was home alone with the kids and I had googled how safe Aussie bats were to handle...they apparently can have rabies and other awful things...eeek! Kids asleep I managed to wake them up squealing as I caught it lol

    I love those black chillies! Are they very hot? Love the Dolmades too Dawn. You're very creative!

  3. I very nearly didn't open this post after reading the headline, as I was sure you were going to say it was a large 8-legged thing (sorry, can't say the name, I'm terrified of them). If it was and you'd posted a pic, I'd have died of fright! How cute bats are close up, I hope it survived.

    1. Yep, I thought the same!!!

    2. I'm so glad I'm not the only big girl's blouse, ladies! lol

  4. LOL I think that's why everyone uses the caps with the little round holes in em here. Don't want nothing coming up from the drain on us.

  5. Oh ! So proud of you for helping the poor little bat ...they are so precious .What a privilege to see and hold one so close . Wow !

  6. What a place to find a bat!

    Those vine leaves look very nice, yum.

  7. OMG Dawn! I just don't know what I would have done if that had happened to me! We had a bat in our bathroom once which came in through the Velux window. Glad you had good weather yesterday; we got lots done here and I have paler tanned hands than arms from painting in my gloves!

  8. oh the poor wee thing!we had a baby bat once which was fluttering behind the curtain and gave us near heart failure haha
    those vine leaves look delicious,I've never tried them 😊

  9. bat story is really interesting - I wonder how it managed to get in there. We have had just one bat for years here on the farm - it really interests us that there is only one - or appears to be - because surely they don't live that long. I really must look into it.

  10. Hello Dawn; thanks for becoming a follower, I just reciprocated. You were so kind with that bat; I once had one in my bedroom and all I wanted was for it to leave .....X

  11. Oh dear, what a surprise that bat in the sink hole must have been. Glad you saved it though. I think we have also saved our tiny bat who was hanging on the wall in the hallway. It must have been a baby in comparison to the size of your bat.

  12. I take my hat off to you Dawn, I will be checking the plug hole from now on, without my specs I would not be able to see anything coming at me.

  13. Well that would have been me dead on the floor then. I like bats but not at such close

  14. Don't know how it got in, but it was thirsty. We had a similar thing here, only with 16 BABY bats, all in G's sink in the attic (hole at edge of beam since plugged!) I put a pink baby elephant in (soft toy not real thing!!!) and they climbed onto that, and I then put them on the window ledge to be rescued by mum/flay away.


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