Sunday 24 July 2016

Summer Visitors Take 2 Day 2 + Surprise Diary

Today started wet, we needed rain so must not complain,
It was on with the rain coats and out to play
 After lunch it was board games
 Jack Straws
Remember that one.
My daughter was down the cabin getting to grips with doing a project on my small machine
The rain cleared in time for Sol to go for a walk

They all went with Martin and little one managed to walk the whole 2 miles.
Tomorrow morning this batch of visitors head back home, leaving behind our grandson who is going back with Martin on Tuesday, I then have a break until next week when we have another couple of days of visitors.
I mentioned that last week when Martin was looking in the attic space above the porch he found something of interest.
It was a travel bag full of birthday cards, post cards old letters and 2 notebooks that have been used like diary's
This farm was called Gwarallt before we moved and changed the name.
The notes are from 1982-1983 and I thought I would include the notes on my blog.
The notes start in the little black book and were written by the lady of the house who was going through a divorce from her husband before moving here. I am not going to copy them up, but the notes she made about here I will include.
I will start on tomorrow's blog post.


  1. What a lovely summer you're having Dawn, and what a gift to give your grandkids, time and the great outdoors!

    How fascinating to find the old owners diaries! Looking forward to reading snippets :)

  2. Yes I remember playing jack straws very well...nearly added them to a post I'm hoarding about things we don't do any more but shan't now! Enjoy the kiddy winks. x

  3. The books sound really interesting it's lovely to have a bit extra history of the house.

  4. We have a similar thing called pick up sticks and it always makes the boys laugh. Look forward to the Gwarallt insight.

  5. Those will be interesting posts. Your family sure does well occupying little ones.

  6. I'll look forward to those posts Dawn-x-

  7. What a neat find! Can't wait to see what was written in the notes!

  8. Lovely family times. Diaries always make interesting reading as the person has to cram so much into a small space.

  9. It is interesting that the house has drawn ladies who are there on their own quite a lot! A good thing I think!

  10. Such an amazing find.
    I don't know where you find the energy with the kids! My 2 keep me run ragged.


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