Monday 11 July 2016

Dinner Time

This week end Martin brought home 50 Crayfish that he caught in the trap he had set, we have been setting crayfish traps for years,
Sorry didn't get a photo of the before but here they are cooked and shelled
 We have had them with dips, in curry, in chowder this time I decided to do something else
 Crayfish Bisque with Pak Choi from the poly tunnel, we had it with some of the flat breads warmed through that I made the other day.
Tonight's dinner taking up the whole of the hot plate on the Rayburn
 pink fir potatoes, peas, orange beetroot and rolled breast of goat.
All home produced, goat tastes very much like lamb but not as much fat, the breast cut is often overlooked but it has plenty of meat, we rolled it up tied it to keep in place and it was browned off in the frying pan, then it was into a casserole dish with about an inch of water covered in foil and popped into the oven at 150c for about 3 hours, then it was taken out left to cool then wrapped tightly in cling film and put in the fridge to chill and firm up, when ready for dinner slice up into 4/6 slices, warm up the meat in the frying pan in a bit of olive oil and serve. Easy to do and could easily be done in advance and frozen until ready to use.
And i know what your thinking orange beetroot, yes that's what we are growing this year, they bleed a lovely orange colour and what do they taste like? Beetroot of course :-) 


  1. Looks a lovely dinner, those crayfish look great, although I've never tried one.
    I have orange beetroot growing and the one with rings as well. Can't wait to try them.

  2. ugh - food pics! i loooove food pics! your crayfish look like tiny lobsters but they also look do your dips and curries. i love dips and curries. i have never had orange beetroot but i love beetroot so i am sure i would love those. and goat tastes like lamb???i have never had goat but love lamb and now you are making me think about raising goats! your goat supper looks delicious. and now i am hungry!

    sending love! your friend,

  3. Yum! I'm eating at yours Dawn!!

  4. Such a lovely plate of food. You're eating the fruits of your labour, bet it tastes great.

  5. The crayfish sound delicious! I love your comment about the golden beetroot - of course they taste like beetroot!! Hee hee!

  6. Fantastic Dawn! The goat looks yummyand all the cray fish dishes look to die for, really! My aims are not quite as lofty as your wonderful achievements but I look forward to a plate of all home grown salad and homemade chutney very soon.

  7. Ugh ! I have tried to eat goats meat on several occasions and am just unable to get past the first mouthful. So I think it must be an acquired taste.
    Fishy foods of any sort are great favourites of mine, so thumbs up to you for the crayfish :-)

  8. A new way to cook goat meat- love the idea!


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