Thursday 21 July 2016

Day 5 Summer Visitors

Today they headed to Llansteffan to visit the beach and castle,
It gave me a chance to get some dehydrating done
 Bananas because the little fella decided to peel them this morning
 Pineapple we got a box of 6 for £1
 Celery that will be used in soups and casseroles, we were given two boxes of free veg from the suppliers and there was 4 celery amongst it along with carrots and lettuce which have now been given to the goats.
They had a nice day out
 Giant jelly fish
Lots of them
Ice cream

For everyone

Exploring Caves

 Llansteffan Castle
 Who lives down there ?
 Secret passage ways
 Have baby will travel
Then heading back again
 Ball playing with the dog
 Learning how to cut the grass
 Making dens at the end of the garden
 roast turkey dinner, one of home raised turkeys.
Tomorrow morning this batch of visitors pack up and continue there travels to Devon, the next batch arrive tomorrow afternoon and Martin is bringing one of our grandsons back for the week end, another full house. 


  1. I love that your grand kids are so active! Not a screen in sight. Wonderful! Sounds like the full and busy will continue for you Dawn. Enjoy!

  2. Another lovely day out for everybody. Get those jelly fish!

  3. That is a dream of mine to host future grand kids and spend the days exploring. I agree with the lovely comment above-not a screen in sight and smiles everywhere.

  4. Golly Dawn, how do you do it? Just reading about all your visitors makes me tired.

  5. Making dens is just the best thing ever.

  6. Love the "Lots of them " jellyfish pic ! Aren't they beautiful !

  7. I bet they all loved Llansteffan. It was our "go to" beach when our kids were young.


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