Wednesday 27 July 2016

Garden Bits And Bobs

Yesterday I popped to the local garden nursery to pick up more Beetroot seeds
 And some Pak Choi, I had used all mine up and want to get some more sown outside and in the poly tunnel
 They had just got these in so picked up a pack a different variety to those we have been growing, they will go in the poly tunnel.
This little garden nursery like many have a big box in the parking area filled with trays and pots that they have used, they give them away free.
 I picked up these trays and a few pots, I have never bought plant pots all the years I have been gardening there are always pots going for free, through social media sites, gardening groups, free-cycle and at the tips and since garden centres and nursery's have been giving away trays in the name of recycling I have never bought trays, they only need a wash then they are ready to go again.
Today I was harvesting things from the poly tunnel 
I need to clear space for more sowing's
 I took up the chick peas, laid them out on some garden fleece
 and strung them up in a hammock to let the air circulate around them so they dry off then I can pick out the chick peas, I can give them a shake every time I pass by to help them along.
I also took up the small bed of onions from the tunnel, the tops were bent over so they were just about ready to harvest, again they are tied up in the barn to dry off. 
They weighed 5lbs in total, all produce is weighed and recorded that way I can work out if we are growing enough and what is producing best.

I have started picking some of the chilli's and strung them up in the kitchen to dry out
 Along with some lavender
More carrot thinning's this bunch weighed in at 1lb 
Tomorrow I will be sowing Beetroot Pak Choi and lentils.
We had a fox attack this evening, my two OAP girls 9 years old and still laying 5 eggs a piece each week a couple of young foxes tore them apart playing, I am now in wait for the sods and will string them up.

Tuesday October 12th 1982
Went to Llanybidder in search of Eva brown to no avail, bought loaf of bread, took different route home through country lanes, really very beautiful.
 Called in at show rooms for chain saws, assistant really knows his stuff, bought a logging saw in Carmarthen and can of 20-50 oil for car, pick up etc.
Had a cup of coffee and round animal market (sheep)
Telephone man unable to come, van broke down.
John let down on moving of his animals by Ashton Reed.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the fox attack :( I'm hoping you catch them and finish them off!!

    Sounds like the diary woman also had a tough day in some respects.

    Your harvesting is totally inspiring! I will get out in my asleep winter garden and weed the invasive nasty grass and order my summer seeds today!

    1. It hard t think its winter for you, spring will see you growing

  2. I always love the look of those pepper strings although I typically hate peppers :)

    Those are some amazing looking carrots too.

    1. I thought you were a hot and spicy man

  3. Didn't have time to make a comment yesterday, but your poly tunnel looks very inspirational. As for those upsetting losing such good hens. Hope you catch those foxes and do what you have to do.

    1. Looking forward to you getting into poly tunnel growing

  4. Oh Dawn - I am so sorry Foxes are beautiful creatures to look at and everyone goes ah - but to see the damage that they do with chickens is heartbreaking and it is all so pointless. We have them around near where I live - neighbour has chickens and often gone midnight I find them lurking in the garden of the house on the corner which is next door they soon skiddadle when they see me. As a result I try and make sure that the cats are in by a certain time as though Demetri is able to look after themselves the kittens are smaller so I make sure they are in.

    You are doing well with the gardening - you make hay whilst the sun shines.

    Take care



    1. Foxes are nothing but vermin and I will show them no compasion

  5. So sorry about the loss of your hens-x-

    1. In a way its better they had the OAP's than the new young birds

  6. Dawn, I am so sorry about the girls. and I hope you catch the devils.


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