Tuesday 26 July 2016

Poly Tunnels In July

The poly tunnels are certainly paying for themselves,
Full to bursting with lots of succesional sowings.

The Dry Tunnel
I call this tunnel the dry one because all the plants in here like a dryer atmosphere and everything is watered at soil level keeping the air drier.
 Strawberry bed and Basil
 Cucumbers and Radicchio
 The cucumbers this year are mini munchers a nice size suited to just two of us.
 Potatoes, I hadnt planned on potatoes to be in here, but there was a space and I was given some free tubers at the show.
 The pineapple top has taken and is now starting to grow
 Some of the Lemon grass has taken and are now growing
 Carnivorous do well earning there keep
 Ginger is starting to grow
 Tomatoes and lettuce border, behind the tomatoes are the red onions that I was given for free, forgot to photo them.
 Crisp Mint Lettuce ( it dosent taste of mint)
 Little Gem lettuce,
 Lots of fruit on the tomatoes, three different variety's growing in this border
 The citrus trees are doing well along with the Avacados
 My satsuma tree is laden with fruits this year.
 The young citrus trees all grown from our own pips are putting on lots of growth
 This tunnel doubles as my growing area so there is always new sowings on the go.
 The garlic harvest is drying off in the corner
 Outside are the new beds, this one with Lavender, Echinachia, Camelia Senensis.
 This bed also has Lavender, Horseradish, Comfrey and Lemon Balm

The Wet Tunnel, Its not wet all the time, this tunnel is water with an overhead sprinkler system, it is a lot more humid in here.
 Outside the doors are two bed, this one is full of parsnips.
 The other has Courgette plants,
 I am trying one of the Yacon's in the tunnel, it is way bigger than those growing outside.
 Bed of Sweet Potatoes and a stray brassica from a dropped seed.
 Celery has bunched up lovely
 The sweetcorn is 8ft tall the cobs are not far off ready to harvest now.
 The grape vine has been thinned out and some of the bunches of fruit have been thinned out.
 More Carnivorous plants, great for pest control.
 Lots of Oca this year
 Pink Fir potatoes harvesting these as we need them
 Late sowings of climbing french beans.
 Another grape vine in the opposite corner.
 These onions are almost ready for harvest.
 Melons should really be in the other tunnel, there are fruits forming.
 Orange Beetroot and some plum tomatoes that were side shoot that were taken from the parent plants.
 Thorny tomato now flowering.
 Parent Plum Tomato the fruit now ripening.
 Chick peas, I am now thinking of taking up the plants and leaving them to dry to harvest the chick peas
 At the back is carrots and radishes.
 Chilli's and peppers
 We have black chilli's
 Banana Chilli's
 Red Pointy peppers
 Bell peppers
 These are the black ones, the plants are laden with them.
 Birds Eye Chilli's

 So lots going on under the covers, I will do the rest of the garden this week.

Diary Extract
Monday October 11th 1982
"Two men from dept of enviroment arrived in the morning to inspect the house in respect of grant application for a grant 75%, Later in the morning telephone workman arrived to connect exterior bell, has to call again wiring diagram not correct.
Molly and Douglas left mid afternoon (Mary Rose lifted)
John and I took pick up down to forestry to collect wood.
Puncture on rear tyre, collected good load of timber with permission."


  1. What an utterly mind blowing amount you're growing there!!! Well done!

    Thankyou for explaining also who is who from the journal :)

    1. I am still in the learning stage of how much to grow but I do like a lot of variety

  2. Dawn, amazing! Your sweetcorn is fantastic. Mine is about 4ft tall. The cobs are only just showing so I hope all my efforts come off before the weather hits winter..Fab you are growing the pineapple, would it be a bad thing to move my squash plant out of the planter into one of the tyres as it really is starting to spread. One of mycourgette plants is doing nothing and I think unfortunately I'll have to give up on it. I'm feeding it with tomatoe feed laced water but not coming on at all. I can't wait to plan for next year and think of interesting things to grow the way you do. Do you think it will be some time yet before my sweet pepper starts to bear fruit?

    1. The cobs are produced at the side further down the plant the pollinating flowers come out from the top, If your squash plant is in a pot yes get it out in the tyres, dont feed courgettes tomatoes or cucumbers until it is producing fruit, otherwise they produce lots of foilage and no fruit. You still have time for your peppers to produce, mine were started back in January to get a good harvest.

    2. Thanks for all that Dawn. I'm doing right with the right with the tomato etd feeding. I hope to get my turnips out in the next couple of days.

  3. Blardy hell - you must have been working non-stop to have ALL THIS growing so well. I am seriously impressed. I will try and get up to see you next week, if it's convenient - we have been SO busy here recently. WELL DONE anyway - you must be John Seymour's daughter!!

    1. you are welcome to call anytime, now its all set up it dosent take much time its mainly maintenance

  4. Wow Dawn, your poly tunnel is looking fantastic! Such an array of produce, you're spoilt for choice! Looks like you'll be having lots of delicious Satsumas! x

    1. I am hoping for Satsumas for Christmas

  5. I do love a good rootle round your poly tunnels. It's lovely to see all of your hard work paying off. You have some fabulous crops there-x-

  6. Good variety and a good amount of each crop. Looks like I need to up my game! I'm on the look out for a polytunnel for this winter.

    1. I have got an article on making your own, I could photo copy it for you.


    1. variety is the spice of life and we are only eating whats in season if it is not ready dont go out and buy we wait


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