Saturday 23 July 2016

Summer Visitors Take 2 Day 1

My eldest daughter and her 6 children left yesterday morning to continue there holiday in Devon, yesterday afternoon I picked up my youngest daughter and her three children from the train station,
Sol waiting on the platform for the train
Arrived waiting for dinner
When they got up in the morning they found  there cousin had arrived late at night with Martin
 After breakfast it was den time, picking up were other cousins left off.
There cousin had brought his tent and little one was happy to stay in it.
 Then down to the beach
 Making Sandcastles
 Collecting Cockles
 Running down the beach
 Getting cleaned up
 Rocks to Climb
 Caves to explore
Then fish and chips and time to head home, everyone is now fed watered, kids are almost ready for bed, I wont be far behind myself, ready to go through it all again tomorrow.



  1. What a lovely family time, grandchildren are such fun, they give you the excuse to get up to all sorts of things :)

  2. I remember well the days of den building and fun in the woods...bliss. x

  3. Too bad the cousins couldn't overlap. Would that have been 9 or 10 kids under your roof. I look forward to grandchildren one day and hope these are the kind of days we can have.

  4. Your grandchildren will have some wonderful memories when they are older Dawn-x-

  5. I must say you are a glutton for punishment Dawn!
    That is one splendid sand castle.

  6. Ah, return to Llansteffan I see! I bet they can't believe how wonderful it is - a beach and a castle in the same place.


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