Saturday 30 July 2016

Problem Solving and Stuff

One of those mornings, after getting all excited yesterday with my mushrooms coming up, I popped to have a check on them and overnight a cat had paid a visit scratched them up and did a big dump in the middle 
 I was not impressed, in fact the air was blue,
I found some chicken wire and now covered them over.
The next problem was a chicken,
she has been broody it seems for ever, it was time she snapped out of it, so it was off to chicken jail for her
 Do not pass go and do not collect eggs on the way Mrs Broody,
She has food and water and will spend a few days in the cage to see if she snaps out of it, the point of the cage with a mesh floor is to cool her down.

 I got the rest of the bamboo clumps along the fence line, I hope when they take they will create a wind break
 While I was in the top field I brought down the fox trap, it is a live trap, if I get a fox I will get some-one to come and shoot it.
 It has been baited with the turkey carcass, Sol has spent all day guarding it, he thinks it for him.
This guarding lark is hard work and a nap was in order.

 The area beside the shed has been a dumping ground for pots and other gardening bits and bobs, it has been grating on my nerves
 I pulled it all out, threw out anything broken
 all the hoses and watering systems were tied up
 I put some membrane down and stacked everything all tidy.
 12lbs of onions taken up from the outside bed, the tops had gone over and I needed to clear the bed.

 I got most of the bed dug over then it was time to start on the evening rounds.
 Tonight I have been having a go at making Chorizo  sausage, They need to hang here for 24hrs for the skins to dry then I am moving them to hang in the fridge in the barn for a month.
That sums up my Saturday. 

Friday 15th October 1982
Phoned electricity about the wiring, cleaned up some more rubbish.
Saw Mr and Mrs Joynson at their farm, enquired about sheep possibilities, gave us a trip round their farm in their land rover, very exposed farm, had a cup of tea . Saw a few large hunting birds.
Home about six o'clock cooked curry and rice, pork chops, liver casserole and rice pudding.
Molly and Douglas arrived at half past 11 had dinner bed at 1.15am. 

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  1. Love the picture of Sol guarding the trap. He is so like our black lab. They will do anything for food !

  2. Seeing Sol with that trap made me laugh! I hope it gets the foxes though! Sorry to read about the pesky cat messing up your mushies :(

    1. Blooming cat we think its a ginger tom visiting from a neighbouring farm

  3. Flaming cats. Hubby had to clear up several piles of their mess from our front lawn yesterday.
    Bless Sol guarding the turkey funny-x-

    1. I am not a lover of cats there is nothing worse that cat poo on your hands when they hide in your flower borders

  4. Good luck with the fox trap they are evil with their prey.

    1. I think its a vixen and 3 cubs and they have a den in the woods at the back of the goat fields

    2. What will you do about the cubs if you catch and shoot the vixen?

    3. if we catch cubs they will be treated the same way as an adult

  5. Dqweedle Dee also keeps going broody, and with her rooster chick not "viable" yet (so I know no chicks will be produced) I just lock her (and the others) out of the nesting boxes for 2 days. Even though she has outside access she confines herself to the roost where they normally sleep. After 2 days I open the nesting boxes again and she doesn't return there until the next time broodiness hits.

    For the others they make themselves a nest on the ground by the alpaca lucerne bins and lay their eggs there until the nesting boxes are open again.

    1. I not usually too bothered by them going broody but this hen has been broody for a long time not good for her

  6. Busy as per usual Dawn. Love chorizo hope it turns out well for you.

    1. my first attempt at chorizo its a long wait though

  7. Hope the mushrooms recover. Your onions look fab. Good luck with the trap. Yum! Choritzo!


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