Wednesday 20 July 2016

Summer Visitors Day 3 and 4

Yesterday the family visitors all headed to Pembury Park,
Far to hot for me, I was more than happy to stay home and enjoy some peace and quiet.
They had a great time
 Playing in the adventure playground
 Exploring the vast expanse of beach
 Hmm they look like they are in the med
 Fishing for the catch of the day
 Exploring shipwrecks 
 It looks like the Sahara
 Running on the broadwalk

Discovering washed up jelly fish
I arranged to meet up with them in the evening at New Quay
 It was still warm enough for a dip

 A chance to cool down before fish and chips,
We didnt get home until about 10pm all very tired and hot.
And found a bat flying around upstairs.
We didnt get any storms or rain overnight
 There was playing on the quad bike
 Painting on the lawn
 My grandson cut the lawn for me
He must have enjoyed he went round twice and then did the veggie garden 
We are suppose to get some rain in the next 24 hours, I hope we get some just to top the tanks up as they are running low again.


  1. Nice you stayed home in peace and quiet and the kids used all their high energy in having fun.

  2. Your grandchildren will look back on these holidays spent with you with great joy and happiness and lots of lovely memories I am sure. It must be a wonderful way to spend the summer as a child! Not that it isn't wonderful for you too!

  3. What a fun day for all. Love the painting on the lawn; may add that to our list of things to do.

  4. Haven't they been lucky with such wonderful weather for their visit. I too would have stayed at home - too hot for me.

  5. ride on mower = proper big boys toy, he'll be wanting to mow every blade of grass in sight!

  6. Looks like great adventures were had by all!
    Hope you get your rain!

  7. I would have opted for the peace and quiet too but isn't that beach just glorious-x-

  8. No rain in Essex not a drop and its a muggy as heck! Water butts are dry. Your grandchildren must be loving where you live and all the experiences they area able to undertake. It must be so satisfying for you to see them enjoy their holiday and not and ipad, mobile phone in sight. WONDERFUL. Tx

  9. Good heavens...must be like the Larkins in your house at the moment! x

  10. Lovely post, memories in the making :)

  11. Pembrey is a lovely place to go to in the summer. If they got as far as the wreck they walked a fair way.


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