Thursday 28 July 2016

Baking and Sowing

I spent the morning in the kitchen as it was drizzly outside,
This time I was having a go at Maple and Pecan danish pastries

 A bit too much filling, but they taste delicious, Martin wont be home this week end so I will have to eat them myself.
Usual loaf of bread got done.
This afternoon the sun came out and I headed outside
I had some lentils soaking ready to sow, half have gone in the poly tunnel and the rest outside in one of the beds to compare how they do, I also sowed some beetroot and Pak Choi in the poly tunnel.
Diary Extract
Wednesday October 13th 1982
John fixed light (temp) in front room. Shifted rubble by the yard gate and started stacking breize blocks tidy and dumping rubbish in the old silage pit.
Rained very hard on and off for a couple of hours, cooked loads of lites for Jessie.
Started cleaning up table to use as a desk in front room. Got this book up to date.
John to ring Sax Purdy at 9pm to confirm booking for bringing up the animals. 
Did washing by hand ha ha!
I have made a special cover to protect the diary's details on my craft blog.




  1. Those Danish look delicious! And lentils!! I'd never consider growing them, but I think it's wonderful you do! How many plants do you need to plant to get a crop for drying? And what are lites? ( in the diary that the lady cooked for Jessie ).

    1. I am still experimenting with Lentils so I dont know yet how much they will produce. Lites is offal (lungs heart etc )

    2. Ahh of course! Like they put in haggis! Thanks Dawn :)

  2. The pastries look amazing, enjoy them!

    I'm interested to see how your lentil experiment goes.

  3. If you need a volunteer to help with the Danish pastries....I'm yer
    Maple and pecan are my favourite-x-

  4. They are my favourite pastry. Gooey joy. Yum yum. I wish we'd had rain. We had a shower that did nothing to help the parched soil. I hope it rains overnight.


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