Tuesday 5 July 2016


This post has been waiting a few days, I thought I better get it done before I forget about it.
Leigh over on 5 Acres and a Dream mentioned a couple of books that took my fancy.

This book I love, it has some great recipes in it, making your own pectin, condensed milk and kinds of pantry basics its not the biggest book out there but it is packed with info.
Next up is 
I managed to get a used copy of this book, I think what they refer to as a still room is what I would call a pantry.
Really love some of the ideas in this book, 
It covers lots of preserving techniques from curing, fermenting, bottling and drying as well as baking and cooking meals, the proper old fashioned ones.
I bought both of these books through Amazon.
Now for a disappointing book, I was loaned this book and so glad I didn't buy it.
 After reading Amanda's first book I was looking forward to reading this one, I struggled to keep an interest in it, a lot was repeated from her first book, lots of harping back to the past not really a year in the life of as the title suggested, it was boring at times and really drawn out, sorry Amanda stitch to sheep and put down the pen. 
I have read lots of other books this year mostly novels and must update my book page. 
I seem to be doing a lot of catch ups at the moment, I have just done a craft catch up post on my craft blog.



  1. The first two books look like interesting reads, and shall have a look on Amazon to see they are still available.
    It is nice to have a catch up time, especially since you have been able to spend time in your craft cabin. I am also catching up, but more to do with resting and sleeping!

  2. Love the sound of the second book; the cover is just how I wou;d loke a pantry of mine to look!

    1. Haha this is exactly what I was about to write and say that cover is the type of picture I would love to print just to keep looking at it!

  3. Agree about the shepherdess book Dawn.

    The farmer grew up in a household where his mother was a trained and expert cook so he talks about curing hams and bacons, preserve-making, cheese making and the rest. If only I could do such things - but alas my culinary skills are just not up to it.

  4. Any blog post titled BOOKS has to be read asap! been out all day so rushed here at 90mph!
    I like the look of the pantry book from the States and I couldn't even get into the first Amanda shepherdess book, so won't be trying the second.
    I think everyone needs to do more book posts!!

  5. Those first two books look right up my street too, but I shall have to step away from the Amazon button as I've bought far too many in recent weeks! Thanks for the warning about the 2nd shepherdess book.


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