Saturday 9 July 2016

In The Kitchen

I have had a few sessions in the kitchen this week, 
It started with a harvest of thinning's from the garden

There was a stray potato plant growing from a missed potato a nice harvest from that on the right, on the left one of the pink fir potatoes insisted on growing across the path in the poly tunnel and trying to trip me up so up it came, the main peas pods were swelling it was time to start picking the more you pick the longer they produce for.
 Beetroot thinning's, this lot is an orange beetroot
 A few small turnips
 Carrot thinning's, the carrots were all left over seeds in packets I mixed them up and just scattered them in the area I was growing them, I think there was four types, I have now thinned them out to give the others some room.
Pak Choi it was just starting to produce a flower head so it has been whipped out.
 The peas are all shelled, I love a perfect pod of peas, these are grown from our own peas two years running that I have dried for growing on.
 A nice bowlful now in the freezer.
some of the potatoes carrots and the young turnip were cooked up with some of our own pork and canned for future meals.
I made up a batch of yogurt using goat milk
 I use a starter culture for yogurt, this one makes a lovely thick creamy yogurt, I will make up some more using the yogurt as a starter I find I can do this for 3/4 batches sometimes more.
 I cooked up the crackling off the pork, a treat for Martin he does like pork crackling, cant stand it myself.
With some of the yogurt I made some Turkish flat breads sort of a pitta / naan
The batch made up a dozen big size pitta breads I will defiantly being doing these again, the recipe can be found HERE
In the recipe she did them in a skillet then popped them under the grill to do the top, I did them on the griddle and just flipped them, they were really easy and they are very tasty, need to make up a few more batches and pop them in the freezer.
 Start of the week I did make up some little cakes for Martin to take back with him.
 Another batch of peanut butter was made up
 And a seeded loaf 
That's enough time in the kitchen for me this week


  1. Hi Dawn, wow what productive a day in the kitchen, I love the look of the naan breads, very chef-y.
    The pickings or thinings from your garden is just wonderful, I would be happy just to grow that much. Have a wonderful weekend

    1. Chefy I am not it has to be simple or I dont do it :-)

  2. Where do you get your yogurt starter from. better to get one by recommendation. I make yogurt, have done on and off for years, but I tend to get a glu-ey consistency.

    1. I buy the little sachets through amazon :-)

  3. So productive, how brilliant is that. Wonderful range of produce.

  4. A fabulous productive week in your kitchen.
    I'm aiming to get quite a bit of baking done over the next week and use up some things out of the cupboard that are approaching their dates-x-

  5. It is nice to be so productive in the kitchen..... I have kept up with our harvested produce this year, although it has not been as good a harvest as yours is. Nearly ready to pick a lot of bush beans and the potatoes need harvesting as well so the canner is going to be used a lot during the next few weeks!

  6. What a fab foody feast. I love the look of your naan/pitta bread. I make a thing called piadina which is a form of flat bread from one of Jamie Oliver's books and that is yummy.

  7. I seem to be hardly at home these days. Your garden keeps you going throughout the year, and you have made the most of it AND made all those other good things. When does the book come out?!!!

  8. You're a total inspiration Dawn! What an amazing turn out from growing and making :)

  9. Our kitchen has been dormant for weeks whilst we were away and the fridge was bare so carly is cooking up a storm today for lunches and dinners next week, Her grandad once told me "Kissing wears out Cooking Doesn't" im not sure about that but I'd say a good cook is definitely worth their weight in gold

  10. What a productive day , I wish i could grow a lot more seeing your haul its so inspiring x

  11. a very productive day in your kitchen. i have a yoghurt maker and you remind make a batch of joghurt.thanks for the link!!
    have a nice sunday,


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