Monday 3 November 2014

Useful Subscription Gift

Its been a wet muddy week end, this morning was our first frost, hubby went out on the quad collecting logs over the week end, we also cleared the last of the boxes from the barn, its all stuff that needs to go into the attic, the boxes have now made it to the spare room.
I have been organising more stuff in the cabin and getting ready for my first day back at work tomorrow with my little part time job of three hours.
I have agreed to do 4 craft teaching sessions at the Family Centre working on craft projects with the young mums, it was a bit of a challenge putting projects together, first there was a budget per person of £2, next we couldn't use needles pins sharp scissors beads or glue guns and nothing toxic as there were will be little ones about, then the final criteria was a simple enough craft project that some-one with no skills could complete within a couple of hours and it also had to be suitable for the little ones to join in if they wished.
I have managed to pull it all together so tomorrow will see if I have covered all the bases.

I finally got my subscription set up again for the Home Farmer magazine, I let it lapse a year ago although I continued to buy the magazine each month from WH Smiths, setting up the subscription makes each issue cheaper and its delivered to me.
The latest edition arrived today, I have had a quick glance through it, it has some interesting cracker recipes in it that I fancy giving a go.
The other bonus for setting up the subscription was a lovely free gift
We both like HFW and have several of his books, we didn't have this one again I have only had a quick flick through it, I came across an easy recipe for digestive biscuits, I do like digestives so i will have to give that one a try and another recipe for oatcakes another thing I like.
I think a baking session may be looming this week, years ago I made some lovely rye crackers cant remember were I got the recipe from, I checked in all my cookery books and its not there. Do any of you have any favourite recipes for crackers ?


  1. It is nice when something like a magazine arrives in the post isn't it. I hope that you enjoy your new book! xx

  2. Good luck with the crafting session! It is a pain only being able to get Home Farmer from Smiths perhaps I should set up a subscription, it would be worth it for the book.


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