Tuesday 30 September 2014

How Much Food !!!!!!!!!!!!!

This afternoon I thought I would make some scones, I started trawling through the cupboards looking for ingredients, the cupboards have never really been sorted since moving 

They are an utter mess and complete chaos, we also have one of those silly revolving shelf thingies in a corner cupboard that does not utilise space to the best
And there is another cupboard in the side porch that I keep forgetting about
How much food does one household really need !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So this weeks task is to re-organise the kitchen cupboards and use what is in them, the other week I bought red lentils at the back of the cupboard was 2 bags of red lentils, we have enough rice pasta oats and sugar to see us through a siege. 
I know many people in blog land are do a stop spending in October so I think that I may well be joining in, after going through everything all I need is S.R. flour and caster sugar, which was the two things I needed to make the scones, so tomorrow I will go and do a top up shop then get stuck into organising and using some of this cupboard stuff up. 
Scones didn't get made needless to say, but tonight's dinner is sorted, I found packs of Vesta Beef Curry in one of the cupboards, I don't mind the Vesta curries so I am having one of those. 

I did get a bit of crafting done today, I decided to do a clock for my craft room.

It has machine embroidered sewing notions all around it, I bought a couple of these clocks from Ikea earlier in the year with the idea of doing unique clock faces on them, full details are on my crafting blog.
Quick update on Kiara, she is settling well and is now getting into a routine, she shadows me all day and is happy to settle in the cabin while I am crafting 
 She likes to sleep with her paw on her face 
I am taking time everyday to reinforce her basic training as some had been allowed to slip,  and her previous partner allowed her on the seats, she has not been trained to do that and it is not something I want her to do, I give her free time every afternoon up in the top field were she is told to go free, as that was something that was done with her as part of her working life, she is happy to run in the fields and roll about. Once we get some fencing up she will be allowed to just go out of the door but not at the moment, I am concerned she is not wise enough to pay attention to moving machinery over in the yard, the dogs from there are and steer clear of tractors and diggers I don't think Kiara would, also I would be worried as to her safety with other animals, she has been trained to ignore them and she does, but they would not ignore her and she may well come worse off.


  1. Nice to hear Kiara is settling in, she looks a real sweetie. I didn't know you could still buy Vesta Curry, I used to love the prawn version when I was a kid. Good luck with sorting out your cupboards, it's tricky in a 'new' kitchen, as i remember.

  2. That looks like my house, my cupboards are bulging,x

  3. I know the feeling, overstocking the food cupboard is my problem too. I have been trying to get the contents of my chest freezer down for six months now but singularly failing. If I don't get a move on there will be more ice than food in the freezer!

  4. We sorted our food hoard, we moved to a house with a smaller kitchen, with less space you learn to be smart with your store cupboard.

  5. The clock is very cute, as is the dog!

    I thought I was running low on stocks until I actually looked, can't believe how much we have in. Add to that all the veg I was given at the weekend and we're well stocked up. I haven't had a Vesta curry for years, I used to love them when I was little, there was always one in the festive hamper and it was my special treat.

  6. Love your clock! Your cupboards look to me like the product of someone who moved in and hasn't had a moment to stop and think since - just like you! At least you are set if there is a siege! xx


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