Thursday 3 July 2014

Todays The Day

Woke up at 5am, it looks like the weather is going to be good, although I am sure rain is forecast, the house has been cleaned through, the patio has been swept, the last load of washing has just finished and I have popped it in the dryer, I don't want to take wet clothes and end up forgetting about them, My elder sister came over last night and helped me with the last of the cleaning in the house, we said our good byes, hubby got back about 10pm from taking the last load in the lorry, there is just a few things to put in the car and the chook house to put on the pick up.
It only now seems real, we are actually moving today.
All week we have back and forth with our worldly goods, along all those miles of roads when I have not been driving I have been reading The Little House Books volume 2 by Laura Ingalls Wilder, her family were early pioneers heading west in search of a better life, we are doing the same heading west in search of a better more fulfilling life, so we must be modern day pioneers.
Tomorrow we awake in a new home in a new area, starting out on our new life together, this will be our end house, this is the dream we have been working so hard to get.
It started for me when I was about 16, I knew back then I wanted to live off the land, many turbulent years followed and my dream seemed to get further from my reach, 30 years ago I lived in a council house is a rough area with my four children,  I had a little patch of a garden grew a few things had 1 chicken, then I met hubby after a few years we moved to another council house in a slightly better area a bigger garden and got 2 ducks, again we grew things and I continued following my interest in self sufficiency, an opportunity arose after the death of hubby's grandad, we were left a small amount of money, we added to it we were both working full time and managed to get together a deposit for a house, it was a run down house needing complete refurbishment, we struggled financially went without holidays went without a lot of things, money was so tight, we had a flock of chickens a vegetable garden of a decent size manage to acquire a second hand greenhouse for £10 buyer dismantles, this was our first big steps towards doing it for ourselves, hubby wasn't yet convinced of my dream and not fully on board, that was 18 years ago, over the following years we did that house up and after the last of the children left we decided to move on, 9 years ago we moved to this house, another refurb, large garden acquired a second greenhouse, continued to work hard, save, do without again, now hubby was starting to come on board the idea of living the dream with me, its been a tough journey, we both dislike the way society has become a buy now pay later if it can be bothered. Everything we have achieved has been done through hard work and sacrifice. I find it upsetting when people make assumptions they see the big house they see the nice cars they see we have businesses and make the assumption we have lots of money, We don't take annual holidays if we do go away its every few years, we don't have the latest in televisions, phones, computers if it works why replace it with the latest, we don't buy expensive designer label clothes, I don't spend out money on beauty treatments and expensive hair stylist,  we save buy when we can afford it and this is what has enabled us to take the next big step and the final move, if you want something badly enough there will be way to achieve it. Everyone makes there own choices in life.
It has taken 30 years to get this far together and it has not been an easy journey there have been many a time when I could see it all slipping away, but we have done it and when I get in the car today and drive onwards I can think back on the journey we took to get were we are. Happy memories, Sad memories.
So its time to get this wagon on the road and head west.
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  1. It's been a long time coming for you & you deserve every bit of happiness & success coming our way! Well done you for keeping to your dream, you've had a long hard struggle getting there. Good luck for your travel today xx

  2. Great blog, loads of us feel the same way about this world we live in, it's wasteful, self centered and false! I am so glad you have reached this stage of your goal, can't wait to read your blog in coming weeks and months, watching your new life come together. With your history of getting over anything thrown at you I can see you succeeding and being happy. I was going to wish you good luck, but with your strength, it won't be luck that gets you there.

  3. Looking forward to hearing all about it! I know what you mean about peoples assumptions. The other day someone said "you're so lucky to live here" I said luck has very little to do with it! And I think you're the same. Lots of hard work, saving and doing without enable us to live our lifestyle.

  4. I'm excited for you and can't wait to see your new life in blog. Take care x

  5. I wish you all the best in your new adventure. Like you we started with nothing,we lived in a caravan for three years saving up for a deposit on a little house. I have a dream to live nearer to the sea, I hope I too can achieve my dream, you are an inspiration. xx

  6. Kev has written exactly what I was going to write !
    Luck plays a very small part.
    33 years on here and still go outside in the morning look at our little piece of England and say "YES!!"
    Enjoy. Looking forward to reading about the next stage

  7. Best of Luck with the move and I can't wait to start reading about Wales!

  8. We did the move 22 years ago after moving 5 times in 14 years and doing up houses along the way.
    I hope everything goes to plan for you and you enjoy your new home.

  9. Our circumstances have meant that we have stayed put and haven't even travelled much. However we have always tried to do as much for ourselves as is possible. Reading your blog and others like it, allows me to enjoy other people's adventures especially when lives take a new direction.

    I wish you well and look forward to reading your posts from Wales

  10. I'm another one who is 'lucky' to lots of people I speak to, but like you we worked hard, did without and planned and planned to be this lucky'.

    Another one echoing Kev's words.

    Wishing you all the very best in your new home. I'm adding you to my sidebar so I can follow your adventures in Wales as I live my own in this green and luscious land.


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