Tuesday 15 July 2014

Books and More Books

Sunny day today, I had the electricity board out today to switch us over from a pay as you go meter to a proper meter, we had to pay £52 to have it switched over, nice bloke never stopped talking but he got the job done, I then went off to collect the greenhouse glass that I ordered yesterday, it was a tense drive back with all those panes of glass in the back, while I was in town I popped into the carpet shop to arrange for the kitchen floor covering to fitted, they are coming on Thursday, just round the corner from the carpet shop was the Books for Free shop so a visit was on hand, it is massive inside, and filled with books.
They also have a section for magazines and there is sections for games and toys were they ask for a small amount for them and the money helps out local charities, they also have a charity shop section.
I did pick up 3 books.
The Welsh dictionary will come in handy, Feet in Clay looks like an interesting read, its about a woman who walked across Australia, Touching the Roof of the World is a collection of short stories all based in Wales.
When it got too hot outside to do any more glazing of the greenhouse I re-located indoors unpacking more boxes, I made a start on boxes of books and found my Aga and Rayburn cook books, yipeeeeeeee.
Following one of the recipes I cooked myself Kedgeree for dinner
It was really tasty and I had enough left for dinner tomorrow.
I am going to have a browse through the books and see if I can plan out meals for the next week.
My neighbour C called this evening so I could join her on a walk down the Dell, it was a really beautiful walk and she pointed out the area were our house used to be located before it was carried stone by stone up the hillside and re-built about 100 years ago, she also pointed out some natural springs.
In all its been a very relaxing day.


  1. It's nice to see you do relax as well.
    Your lunch looked great.

  2. What a lovely day and your neighbour sounds nice too, all good.

    jean x

  3. Sounds like a lovely day & a great neighbour to have too.

  4. Interesting about your house being moved, do you know why?
    Free books- brilliant.

  5. I was also wondering why the house was moved? Glad you are settling in and have nice neighbours x

  6. Oh Kedgeree. Might have to make that. Love looking at other peoples books.

    p.s. cant wait to see your lavender drive

  7. Dont really know much about the house being moved something to look into at at some time, all I know is originally it was 2 workers cottages and it was moved up to the top stone by stone and made into one house. I will do a post about it if i find out any info.


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