Monday 14 July 2014

A Little Corner Uncovered

I started yesterday on this little corner late yesterday
It is round the back under the front room window, it gets the sun up until lunch time, there was in it, 2 old rose bushes that had been some what neglected, a Mock Orange that was badly pruned and some Aquilegia that had gone to seed along with plenty of weeds,
I finished clearing it today, I dug in a load of Alpaca poo, I decided to give the roses a chance one has some buds on it and I dead headed the other, I took the seed heads off the Aquilegia and tidied up the Mock Orange.

I split some of the plants that I brought with me and popped them in, I want to get some spring builds in there as well come Autumn.
I pop into town and ordered the glass for the greenhouse, it will be ready for collection tomorrow, its been a grey damp drizzly day, so I set about unpacking some more boxes and find homes for everything. 
Unfortunately while carrying a box upstairs I caught my finger on a door and cut it open
Boy oh Boy did it hurt and bleed, so that put an end to my unpacking, so I consoled myself but cutting a few of my giant Lilly's that were dug up the day before the move, the flowers are just starting to open on some of them, I brought them indoors to enjoy.
It was dinner for one tonight, I had Smoked Salmon fillet and salad, I am trying to be sensible and eat proper meals while hubby is away at work.
The chooks are now shut in, the log basket is full and the Rayburn is stoked up, dinner is finished and the dishes are washed, so I am settling down for a peaceful evening.


  1. Ouch - that finger looks sore. It is so annoying when you hurt yourself with lots of jobs to be done!

  2. Oh bless, good excuse to have an unpacking rest. I wish I knew more about plants and how to save them. I'm really enjoying your new adventures x

  3. Oh dear, your poor finger. It must be exciting surveying different parts of your new place & all of those ideas bubbling away.


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