Friday 18 July 2014

Bread and Dogs and Swallows

Was feeling out of sorts today, a combination of too much sun yesterday broken sleep thanks to the storm that woke me early hours, although the light show was brilliant and it has been a muggy humid kind of day, so after a quick trip to the shops, I came back and made some bread
Not my best looking bread ever, I am still getting to grips with the Rayburn, but it taste just fine, I have popped one french stick and the loaf into the freezer for next week.
I had some of the other with pate for lunch.
Had a chat with a couple of old friends on the phone, it was nice to catch up, got the washing out, unpacked a couple of boxes, I then set about making this little fella
He came as a fabric kit with the Homemaker magazine and I needed a doorstop for the living room, if anyone else has the kit and is going to make it up can I suggest you do double stitch seams, the fabric isn't the best quality and it frays easily. Anyway he got done and is now sitting by the door.
Hubby phone and told me we have been approved for a dog, we applied to Dogs for the Disabled for a retired assistance dog, so now we are on the waiting list. 
Tomorrow the pig ark and electric fencing arrive, so soon we will have piggies, something to look forward to. All in all a pretty quiet day and very restful, it was nice to sit at my sewing machine again, I am having a browse through a few books and seeing what else I can get stuck into to try an use up some of the fabric stash that I am faced with.
We have a lot of Swallows here and there is one nesting in our porch
They have been on the nest since we moved in, I am sure today I could hear little squawks so I think they may have hatched.
Hope all you bloggers out there have had a good restful day.


  1. Spent a restless couple of hours in the night with my terrified dog. He sits by the bed, inches from my fac, panting his hot breath on me. Nice! Expecting more tonight so I'm off for an early one.

  2. Storm already in full swing here as I write. We got little sleep last night either. I expect met office will say top temperature today was just over 30 but we recorded 42 in shade in garden this afternoon.

  3. How wonderful to have a swallows nest! Love the little dog xx

  4. Oooooh the pig arc is exciting I can't wait to see your new additions x

  5. I love the door stop! Very exciting about the pigs too.

  6. Love your doorstop, and great news on the potential real live doggie too!! xx


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