Sunday 20 July 2014

Mini Harvests

The day started grey but lovely and cool so I thought it would be good to make a start on one of the borders and get some of the potted trees in.
I thought this might be a good place to start, the gap in the border, our boundary is just behind it and soon there will be a panel fence going up to define the boundary, I started removing some of the grass and dug it over very soon the sun broke through and it was so hot again
I did get planted 2 of the evergreen trees and in front of them a rose bush I have left a gap of about 2 feet at the back I would like to get some slabs down at the back of the border to make it easier maintaining the fence, this will eventually become a nice big curved border at the moment I am just planting up the back of it.
I did a little harvest today
Red and white onions that were grown in a container
Potatoes that were container grown
And yet more Blueberries there is still loads to come 
I also got some salad leaf mix sown
I got these baskets for £2 they came with two smaller ones as well, I bought them a few months back.
I have been down to have a look at the Bee Hives and they are really busy, weather permitting tomorrow I may get the hives open to see what they are up to.
I am off to have some dinner now then hopefully it will have cooled down enough to do a bit of watering.


  1. It's a nice view, who do you back on to? are they nosey? do you need fencing? tell me to shut up xx

  2. The people we have bought from back on to us, they are doing a barn conversion, the fencing is to give us both privacy, they are lovely people but we dont want to be living in each others pockets, the fencing will run completly down one side on the boundary also it will keep there dogs on there side.

  3. We had a mini harvest tonight. The last of the peas, probably about 40 peas in total. They were delicious though. Tomorrow our first cucumber should be ready and some tatties.

    Jean x


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