Tuesday 22 July 2014

Rag Rugging

I popped into town today, its more of a planned trip really with a list as its not on the doorstep, I needed to get the address changed on my bank account and pick up change of detail forms for joint accounts as it is going to be difficult for us both to be there at the same time to do it, very easy to do lovely polite helpful young man took care of it and gave me directions for the council office, that was the next stop to organise the council tax, found the place and again lovely helpful lady from the council did all the form filling and welcomed me to the area, so different to Milton Keynes council.
It turned out to be a pleasant experience, usually I dread anything to do with officials and find them to be verging on obnoxious jobs worths, but in Camarthen they were really nice and pleasant.
I then did a bit of shopping got a lovely sized chicken to roast its in the Rayburn now, thought I would have a bit then leave it in the fridge for hubby to finish while I am away over the next few days. 
I popped into the The Works like I do when I am passing one, did you know they have started doing a Rewards Loyalty Card,
 Having a browse around I spotted these Rag Rugging kits, for £9.99 it makes two rugs
You get 2 backings they are a rubberised mesh measuring 80x50cm not a bad size and a big bag of pre-cut fabric strips in mixed colours, I have made a start on the corner and i found a pair of tweezers handy I have fat fingers, I thought it would make 2 nice size rugs for the spare room.
I have done traditional rag rugging before, cutting my own strips and working on hessian
This was one I did many years ago of a sunflower, its using two different rag rugging techniques and it usually hangs in the stair well, I haven't unpacked it yet.
I was done with different types of fabric as well. 
I did make a couple out of denim strips they were used for doormats.
Here is another that was done for a workshop
This one was made with strips of t-shirt material very soft and doesn't fray.
Rag Rugging is an old form of re-cycling it was done out of necessity in the past now we can make lovely wall hangings for pleasure.
I have got another one on the go but it hasn't been unpacked yet either. 
A trip to town took half the day up so I didn't get much else done, I have started a savings pot I had a voucher for Tescos £1.15 so the money from that has gone into the pot also I used my fuel points that saved me another £9.30 so that has gone into the pot as well, I would like to continue doing this for some time just to see how it all adds up, today's in total was £10.45.
Right there is chicken with my name on calling me :-)


  1. I love the rugs... I've had a piece of Hessian for about 10 years - always wanted to make a rag rug but never done it.

  2. Beautiful rag rugs! Such a great way to use up old clothes x

  3. I adore rag rugs. I need to make a rug for our bedroom but I want to use the wool from my Ryelands fleece. It's all clean now. Next is carding then maybe using a peg loom to make my rug.

    Jean x

  4. What a brilliant use of old t-shirt fabric. I've never thought I had the patience for that kind of rug so I really admire them.

  5. How lovely! Can't wait to see what you make with your new purchase! Rag rugs are so pretty and it is a wonderful art!

  6. I don't know how I missed this, but I wanted to say that your rag rugs are lovely and I look forward to seeing your new ones! xx


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