Tuesday 8 July 2014

Making Do and Free Books

Today was one of those days spent on the phone and doing odd jobs, I have arranged for a Rayburn service engineer to come out on Thursday, the Rayburn hasn't been serviced for 10 years, it needs a new thermostat in the oven door as the one that is there is so gunged up you cant read it, we also have been told some of the fire bricks are missing, so we thought an overhaul was in order. I have also ordered a cold shelf for the oven and a half sized roasting tin and grill rack also a wire brush for cleaning the cleaning the hot plate and some enamel cleaner.
 This is the dining end of the kitchen

Middle section with the Rayburn

Opposite end of the kitchen
The kitchen is all painted now waiting for floor covering and some appliances I have been altering the headers on the voile's today so they will go up at the windows tomorrow, I am pleased I kept my sewing machine out and it travelled with me.

 We really like the doors downstairs and want to see if we can find something similar for upstairs 
I had to do some hand washing today as we were running out of clothes,  they are all still packed and in storage in the barn, Next week I will have a washing machine, really looking forward to that,
Hubby set me up a washing line under the open barn, we had sunshine and showers today.
We took a trip into town today, I needed an ironing board and a whirly washing line. In town I found a Books for Free shop, I visited one of these last year, they let you take 3 books for free each visit, the books are all donated, unsold books saved from landfill and ex library books, they also give away DVDs and Cd's there is more info here Books For Free I will be popping in for a visit very soon.
Big day tomorrow, carpet and floor coverings get fitted, we will then have some furniture moved in, I am so looking forward to a comfy chair and a proper bed to sleep in. 
Thank you for all the well wishes, sorry not had much time to get round to everyone, next week things will be a bit more normal. 


  1. You are so well organised and seem to have done so much in such a short time. Look forward to reading what happens next.

  2. I have really enjoyed following your blog and try to catch up daily. I hope you are both very happy in your new home and it gives you all you want from your new venture. I look forward to being with you on your new journey. Have fun and take care.

  3. Wow this looks so exciting. I can't believe I find a line of washing in a barn exciting but I do because it represents a life increasingly unusual but which I love. Congratulations on the move and on settling in. I can't believe you are back to blogging all ready!

  4. I love the barn dryer, your door is beautiful and I love your Rayburn. I'm just jealous and turning green as I type. Your living proof hard work pays off xx

  5. The barn dryer may well be a good idea for Wales although I'm now tempted back into moving there simply because of the Books For Free shop. I clicked on their web site to see our nearest but as usual NONE in East Anglia, we miss out on all sorts of things like this. Grrr. You seem to be organised so quickly Well done.

  6. I dry my washing in our greenhouse. The clothes dry more quickly and the damp air is good for the plants so I've been told.

    Jean x

  7. You are being rewarded for your hard work I am really looking forward to reading your dream life


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