Sunday 10 January 2016

A Very Productive Day

After getting the feed rounds done and fields were poo picked
I set off with Sol into the woodland field
 Got the Daffodil bulbs planted
 While being watched over by Kara
Then it was in to the barn to do some sorting out
 First up was this old wardrobe, it was part of the bedroom set we had in the spare room,
its moved house with us several times and is on its last legs.
 Its been sitting in the barn all this time unused, its not going in one of the bedrooms, so I thought I would make use of it.
I put a shelf inside it, somewhere to store the egg boxes that were hanging around in various places.
I also moved all the livestock medicines and first aid stuff into the bottom.
I want another couple of shelves put in there, but I will have to see what wood Martin has not ear marked for projects.
Next I cleaned up all the feed station area
all tidy and organised again, I washed out all the unused feeders and put a white board up listing who has what also including the vets number
Swept all the floor there was loads of hay and straw all over the place
the sweepings got thrown into the chickens to scratch through.
there was crumbs of animal feed amongst it too.
 Next I moved on to the porch (boot room) cleared out a load of stuff from the top of the freezer, moved all the bottles from the kitchen into the porch
Found a bigger basket for all the hats and gloves that hang around in there. Want to get all the jackets washed next.
The top of the fridge go a sort out too, along with the windowsills in the kitchen,
All the crap has now been moved out
things put away, surfaces washed down.
Having cleared a bit of space on the kitchen windowsill, I sowed a tray of mixed salad leaves
to sit on the windowsill, they should be ready for picking 3-4 weeks.
Lots crossed of my list today, tomorrow I have to make a trip to Swansea, not looking forward to that but needs must. Not expecting to get many things done on the list.

When I was in the shed this morning I remembered I hadn't shown you what I got Martin for Christmas.
Lobster pots, ready for when he gets his boat.
I bought them off some-one local, they were a lot heavier than what I thought they would be.

The weather its been cold today, sunshine and showers, 
I managed to avoid all the showers and stay dry today for a change.



  1. Looks wonderfully productive, the best type of days.

  2. Love the lobster pots, I have some mesh ones for cray fish but used to use them to catch eels. When are you starting your chillies if you're growing any?

    1. We ave a few crayfish ones used for crayfish, I am planning to start Chilies at the end of the month

  3. A very productive day indeed! I hope that Martin does well catching lobsters! Hope too that your day in Swansea goes well. xx

    1. He keeps reading up about Lobster fishing so I dont think it will be too long

  4. So sorry to hear about Daffodil. have not been on line until today. Hope Kara will be ok.

  5. You love close enough to the sea for Lobster pots!!! Nice.

    Someone told me years ago people in Europe used wardrobes because closets counted as rooms for taxation. Is that true?

    1. 40 minuets from the sea, never came across that about taxation, in the UK bedrooms are usually very small and dont often have built in storage space so wardrobes are fairly common

  6. A productive day for you Dawn though I doubt it is unusual. Love the lobster pots - what a fabulous present x

    1. usually busy but trying to work though a list of those irritating jobs that get pushed to one side

  7. Hi Dawn you did well to stay dry and get all those jobs done. Wardrobes like that make excellent additional storage space.

    1. I had earmarked the wardrobe as a cold smoker, it still might get used for that when other storage is sorted

  8. Sounds like a really good day for crossing things off your list. My favourite kind of day because you feel so good in the evening. Well done you. Nice to see Kara taking an interest.

    1. Its a good feeling crossing off lots of jobs

  9. Phew! I'm exhausted just reading what you got done!

  10. Hi Dawn, I followed you across from Sue's blog when I saw some of your useful comments. We're just starting on our on journey and your blog looks really great and inspiring so I shall go back through it with interest.
    Re the salad leaves that you have sown, will they need to be potted up when they are through?
    Thanks, Tracy.


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