Wednesday 20 January 2016

Welcoming The Freeze

A hard frost evident when I went out this morning
 The Alpacas coats were all crispy, it just shows how insulating there fleeces are
 It doesn't worry them at all, the seem to enjoy the cold weather, as the ground was frozen I fed them in one of the paddocks, and laid out a load of hay for them, broke the ice on the water for them,
gave Kara a bottle, it was pleasant in the morning sunshine
 This were the Alpacas chose to sleep last night, they have access to a field shelter but would rather sleep outside.
After everyone was fed, given hay, collected eggs, broken the ice on the drink waters, brought in plenty of logs, nipped to the post office van, I decided to make the most of lovely winter day
The Welsh National Botanical Garden is only about 15-20mins away and through January on week days its free admission, a quick change of clothes grabbed a few snacks and off I went.
The car park was fairly full when I arrived, I took so many photos I have popped them on another page for you to see.
I had a lovely time on my visit and best of all it didn't cost anything.
There are all sorts of free entertainment out there in the local area,
I get the local news letter telling me what is going on, attending these events is a great way of meeting people too and gets you involved in the local community.

I hope you have all been enjoying the freeze while it is with us.


  1. Loving this dry weather, much better than all that sloppy mud. To my shame I have not got around to visiting the gardens yet, it is on my list, perhaps next week.

    1. get there before the end of the month on a week day its free :-)

  2. It was a really beautiful morning, wasn't it?

  3. I'm loving the crisp sunshine filled days. At least the mud is frozen now! Are those little thawed patches where they slept? How cute. You are fortunate to have wonderful animals like that. I'm researching free entertainment and senior rails cards etc at the moment.

    1. Yes the little thawed patches are were they slept :-)

  4. Replies
    1. yes all frost makes there fleeces crispy :-)

  5. Will a big frost or rather an extended one help to kill off any parasites Dawn? Lovely photos of the alpacas x

  6. Lovely frosty weather - wish we had it instead of cold, dark and damp weather, It sounds as though Kara is managing without her Mum - I wonder if she remembers her or if she has taken to the rest of the herd and just become one of them.

  7. Frugal in Essex - I got to So'ton and back (from Carmarthen) for £12.85 each way, booking in advance with my Senior Rail Card. Well worth it.

    It's surprising that the Alpacas don't seem to mind the cold weather and are happy to sleep out under the stars in it!

    Just the right weather to visit the Botanic Gardens anyway - we could go today but it is grey and rainy and so we shan't be!


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