Tuesday 5 January 2016

No Good News

Its not good news with Daffodil, she seems to be going down hill, everything the vet could think of has now been tried, all we can do is keep her warm, she is very lethargic and becoming unresponsive.
We managed to get some milk into Kara, she wont take a bottle so we have been using a syringe,
We put Kara out into the paddock with the rest of the herd during the day today, so she could do a bit of grazing and hopefully learn from the others, brought her in again this evening to be with mum.
Nothing more to say on the matter.

Now for the weather.
No change there either, rain and mud lots of both, although we are free of wind so that's something to be grateful for
My little weather station is dong well since the 1st of the January here are the records
 Humidity, green is indoors and red out doors
 Air pressure don't really understand this bit yet
 Rainfall nearly 4 inches
 Temperature the blue line is indoors, green is dew point, red is actual, orange is wind chill
Wind Green is gusts and red is wind speed

Not been much else happening today, we have just been unloading more straw and stacking it in the barn and hay those euro bales that need rolling, in the the other barn, all undercover now away from the rain. Its been a cold wet day now the fire is lit I am off to do dinner.


  1. This is sad news. Myself and everybody I'm sure are hoping Daffodil would improve. It's so difficult having animals when they are not well. Hope you're ok Dawn.

  2. Hugs for you Daffodil and Kara x

  3. I do hope she pulls through, could it be a lack cobalt?

  4. Ah, so sorry to hear. Has the vet taken bloods (to rule out that she has anything contagious for the rest of the herd)?

  5. OhDawn just caught up with your last posts...so awful, I do hope she picks up and Kara stays well...such a worry

  6. hope she picks up, keep us all posted

  7. I will keep my fingers crossed for you Dawn, it is heartbreaking when an animal goes off its legs.

  8. That's very sad news. Best wishes to you all.

  9. So sorry about Daffodil and for Kara too. I don't have any real understanding of the situation - not being a farmer - but I understand the heartache of a sick animal and I am so sorry. xx

  10. Sorry to hear about Daffodil and Kara. Do hope there is some improvement.x

  11. Oh Dawn - how awful the situation is with Daffodil - I know you will all be feeling so helpless, even the vet = who is doing all he/she can - and of course the calf is at risk too. I do hope things do begin to improve.

  12. Keeping every thing crossed for Daffodil xxxxx


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