Saturday 23 January 2016

Home Reared Pork.

Another Pioneer Woman dinner tonight Classic Pulled Pork
 I dug a joint of our home reared pork out of the freezer yesterday once thawed, 
Brown Sugar, Chili powder, Paprika, Garlic powder salt pepper cayenne pepper were all rubbed in,
wrapped in cling film and left in the fridge over night to marinade,
Lunch time it was popped on a bed of chopped onions covered in foil and put in the oven to cook
After about 5 hours it was taken out shredded up the juices were cooked up with barbecue sauce then the meat was then coated in the sauce ready to be served.
Really really yummy, some will go in the freezer and Martin will take some back with him next week.

The skin off the pork didn't go to waste
after rubbing with salt, I left it cook in a low oven overnight, 
Pork Cracking, Martins favourite.

I have spent most of the day in the cabin, its coming up to craft fair time again.
Tomorrow we are planning a trip to the beach in the afternoon, it was Martins Birthday yesterday,
So it has to be a trip to the beach with Sat and Pepper squid with chips sat on the harbour wall.
I was watching the goats a bit today, there udders are really starting to hang, 
In fact Connie is really hanging down, she is very large with her pregnancy as well,
its guess how many she is having. Thelma doesn't look no-where near as big,
I have a rough calculation of dates, Thelma 28th Jan and Connie 5th of Feb but of course they can come a week either side of that date.
We are having a goat session in the morning so I will have a good look at them then.
In answer to some peanut butter questions, You can use salted roasted peanuts or if you prefer plain roasted peanuts, salt and sugar are optional, I buy the big bags of value roasted salted nuts for mine.
Sunflower oil or ground nut oil I find best. 



  1. MMMMM pulled pork. Tell Martin Happy Birthday!!!!

    Man you make some good looking food.

  2. Happy birthday to Martin, enjoy your meal on the beach wall, best way to eat out.

  3. Happy Birthday to your husband! Pork crackling looks soooo good. You can't get pork with the skin on here so never have crackling. The pulled pork sounds really good too.

  4. Happy Birthday to Martin. It sounds like your goats are going to certainly swell the goat herd a good bit when their babies appear.

    That pulled pork looks SO good!

  5. I would be interested to know, as you rear your own pork, whether you kill boar or gilt. I understand it is no longer legal to castrate the boars and so I rarely buy pork unless I know where the meat has come from because there is a taste about boar pig that I don't care for - and the farmer says this is probably due to the non-castration. My local butcher only ever uses gilts.

  6. Oh yum pulled pork. Happy Birthday Martin x

  7. Happy birthday Martin you lucky man, all that lovely pork crackling. Yum yum. The pulled pork sound and looks wonderful too. I did pork this week I'd forgotten what a lovely meat it is.

  8. I live pulled pork, one of my favourites!

  9. Looks superb. The added ingredients should give it some umpth. Watched Jimmy Doherty making ham in plant pots on Friday night on Channel 4.

  10. Sounds lovely. Happy Birthday Martin! xx

  11. Mmmm making my mouth water! :) x


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