Sunday 24 January 2016

Spy's .......

A lovely mild day, we may have been bathed in low cloud but it was still and calm
After checking my hot heap, its starting to warm up now
I watered everything in the tunnel
then headed off with my pink wheel barrow to collect some mole hills
 The soil is lovely and is added to the raised beds
While I was out there I did a bit of weeding around some of the fruit bushes
and piled a load of manure around the Rhubarb
 pink buds of promise were start to fatten up.
Martin was putting in the floor in the goat house.
As time is drawing in for kidding we decided to set up a few cameras in the goat enclosure.
Welcome to goat cam
 There is a camera set up in there house this is Connie in the house
 the other camera is set up in there enclosure, we are going to shift this camera to the opposite corner tomorrow, we can now keep an eye on them with the impending event looming.
This afternoon we headed to the beach
 it was so calm and still not even a breeze
 we were the only ones on the beach,
 Sol had a great time chasing seaweed in the waves
so many little rock pools each one a tiny world of its own.
We had Scampi and chips eating looking out across the bay 
We collected some winkles and limpets that Martin is now cooking up for a supper snack
cooked in garlic and larger 
Fire is now lit, we have a choice of watching Alpaca cam, Goat cam or Call the Midwife.


  1. I had to smile at your final comment! We opted for the latter, OH only watching it in case Trixie stripped off to her bra again!

    I hope the kidding goes well and you don't have to intervene at all. The beach birthday treat looked great. Which beach (not one I recognize straight off?)

  2. I thought you were being spied on, not doing the spying! Makes sense now! xx

  3. Love it - not putting in a baby monitor too are you? Only kidding! Errh I think I had better stop there just realised what I have written! Glad you had some nice time down on the beach belated birthday greetings to Martin. Love seafood special memories of cockling with my mum dad and brother down in Norfolk, but many a happy holiday at Talybont near Barmouth where we could see out tootsies in the clear water and the porpoise used to gather. I am going to have to play catch up on the computer with the television so that I can carry on getting stuck in. Glad you have had a lovely day.

    Tricia (aka Pattypan)

  4. Our rhubarb is very early this year, we should have enough to eat in a weeks time, I have never known it so early.

  5. Goat cam, Call the Midwife, same genre different species! LOL Technology has its uses. Exciting times there for you. Lookin forward to sing the kid.

  6. Never mind call the midwife, this could be the midwife reality show. My rhubarb is up too, I have piled some compost round it for protection and the spinach has not stopped growing at all this winter.

  7. Sol looks very happy in the waves Dawn! xx

  8. Hi Dawn, I hope you're ok? Did you previously get my message to say thank you for the book? I've made a start on it and I'm really enjoying it! I hope everything is ok, I noticed you used to follow me and now your name and photo has disappeared so I do hope I haven't done anything to upset you? Apologies if I have! I really love reading your blog posts and find them so interesting, Em x

  9. That last sentence did make me laugh Dawn. Do keep us posted on imminent births.

  10. Do keep us posted on those imminent births Dawn.

  11. A goat cam! Great idea! Sure beats a trip to the goat shed every couple of hours (especially during the night :)


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