Friday 8 January 2016

Books And More Books

Was at a bit of a loss after Martin left today, need to get back into a routine.
I needed a new radiator for the cabin so with Sol on board we took a  trip to Charlies
Picked up a new radiator, this time I will pin the receipt to my notice board, 
My other one started playing up and tripping out the electric, only had it 18 months and it had a 2 year warranty, but I have mislaid the paperwork.
Across from Charlies is this place
The Books For Free Shop,
Its a great place and you are allowed to take 3 books per person each visit, I usually pop a few pound into there collection pot.
This is there mission statement 
Our mission is to keep books from landfill and promote reuse and recycling. Run by volunteers we take in unwanted or unneeded books and find them new homes

As well as books they also have a tool section Cd's, DVDs, bric a brac, games and puzzles all for a few pence. these places are popping up and down the country, our one is looking for new premises
They have until September, I hope they do find a place it would be such a shame to lose it.
I did pick up three books today

I use to have this book but lent it to a friend and it was never returned, she moved. 

When we got home it was time for Sol's walk
Then feed everyone, while having a cuppa I started compiling a list of jobs I want to get done
As I think of little things I add them to the list,
This will help me get back into a routine.
Everyone is now in for the night.

The weather has been kind today, sunshine blue skies although 
we have a weather warning for tomorrow of guess what 
RAIN more blooming rain.



  1. Love the book shop, would love one close to us, glad you have dry days, we miss most of the horrible weather along the south coast.

  2. I love Chralie's in Aber. I know all about receipts, see my last post! Boys and Jon have just gone out to see Sstar Wars so I hae some me time. Planning on watching the Amy Winehouse film later.

  3. Fortunately that shop is always closed when we're at Charlies. I like your choice. I have had I Bought a Mountain for many years - not sure if I recycled it to the charity shop in the last purge.

    Great list. My only thought these days seems to be how soon can I go back to bed?!

  4. The book place is a great idea, I hope that it finds a new home. xx

  5. Oh My! We haven't got anything like that book shop around here, which is probably a blessing when I think of it.

  6. What a brilliant idea, such a pity t has to move I hope they find somewhere. I have the bottom book it's good isn't it & I do like the sound of the middle one x

  7. I'm a list person and so is hubby. I am preparing a 'to do' list for my days off next week.

  8. What a great idea that bookshop is. Friends of ours run a bookshop swop day every so often as a fundraiser for a local cat's home. It is well attended.
    Hope the bad weather heading your way is not too fierce. We are also supposed to having some bad weather Sunday and Monday. Ah well, soon be spring!

  9. What a brilliant idea that 'give and take' book shop is Dawn - every town ought to have one. Almost every town has empty shops - surely something could be done - and there would always be volunteers to run such places.
    The first two books look really interesting. The third book I have read because, of course, Hannah Hauxwell didn't live all that far from us.

  10. That bookshop looks like heaven! I've got plenty of books to donate and always need more to read.

  11. What a great idea that book shop is. We could use something like that here. Our thrift shops have all gotten the idea that they might have valuable antiques - I say "might" have - and so their prices are getting outrageous. Often prices are more than you'd pay for new. And then they wonder why the stock isn't selling. I love the titles of your books - wish more of those books were available over here.


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