Wednesday 13 January 2016

Ice Ice Baby

How wonderful waking up to a heavy frost and frozen ground
 It was nice to walk on solid ground again instead of sloshing through mud
 The alpacas were enjoying the solid ground too, I gave them there breakfast out in the open
 instead of slipping and sliding through the mud in the entrance of there shelter
They were really enjoying it and seemed very perky, even Kara who I was starting to have concerns about yesterday.
After everyone was fed I nipped down to the village to post a few letters with Sol
Then into the kitchen
 The chicken breasts that I defrosted last night were sliced through turning six breasts into 12
 then they were marinaded in olive oil, Dijon mustard, honey and lemon juice with a few herbs 
then this evening I fried them in the griddle pan 

once cooled they will be packed into portions of two and into the freezer
Its one of the Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond's recipes, the chicken is then ready to use in her 16 minuet meals, I really like her Chicken in mustard cream sauce.
They can also be used for salads or even sandwiches.
I also tried out a Mrs Beeton recipe today 
Dinner Rolls
 made with her enriched bread recipe, the rolls look good
the rest of the dough was made into a loaf
not too impressed with how that looked, 
next time I think I will just do rolls.

Martin is due home again tonight, his change of days this past week have thrown me out completely , 
I have spent all day thinking it is Friday and last Friday when he went away I kept thinking it was Monday.

The weather  
It start off calm frosty with a lovely sunrise, 
Then it changed to rain
Then it changed to hail
Then it changed to snow
then back to hail
then back to rain
finishing dry if it wasn't dark it would have been a lovely sunset.
But there has been no wind I fairly still day.


  1. Oooh, those look gorgeous rolls. I'll be round for one soonest! This cold has left me with a strange appetite - not enjoying my food at all - although my raspberry muffins hit the spot today and I have a thing about proper (cow's) yoghurt which I really shouldn't have AT ALL.

    You have had the seasons up there today by the sound of things. Glad that Kara seems a bit better and it was drier underfoot for the Alpacas.

    The chicken portions look great, although I'm not mad on mustard as a rule, but mixed with the other ingredients I shouldn't think it overwhelms.

    Keep warm.

  2. My goodness you have had quite a mix of weather today! I hope that it settles more to one thing or another for you tomorrow! xx

  3. We had a light frost here but nothing more than scrapign the windsheild. Still slopping through mud! Chicken sounds nice. Seeing your chicken breasts I have three cockerels ready for the table, just need to find time to prepare them.

  4. It looks like you've had the perfect day to get on with some cooking. I like the look of those chicken fillets. Mark likes some variety in his packed lunches so I may try the idea with some salad for him when the weather gets warmer. Jx

  5. Those rolls look to die for!

    snow due to turn up in our part of Essex at 11am, hoping the rain will stop it sticking as the snow makes my motorcycle a very grumpy and uncooperative animal

  6. No frost here just constant drizzle. Your rolls & chicken look very yummy. They look like the rolls we used to buy from the local bakers when I was a child. x

  7. Massive temperature drop here too. But no frost. 2 degrees in the car and it turning wet. Looks like we may get some sleet. Those rolls look absolutely scrummy.....bread is my worst habit, I love it. Have you bee watching Victorian Bakers BB2, its an eye opener.

  8. Howling gale, snow blizzard and below zero tempertures here.
    I think that bread looks splendid - so do the rolls. And I love the sound of that marinaded chicken.


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