Tuesday 12 January 2016

New life Springs Forth

With it being so cold and wet it seems like spring is eons away,
but little glimmers of hope and promise are starting
The tray of mixed salad leaves I sowed the other day are bursting into life
I was asked earlier if i would be potting these up, 
No I wont be, it will be grown on the windowsill and used as cut and come again salad leaves
Like those they charge a fortune for in the supermarket,
Sometimes when I have small amounts of seeds left from lettuce's I mix them together and grow them in trays.
Its far to cold for these to grow outside even in the poly tunnel,
In a few weeks I will start off another tray and then it will be continual throughout the year, I am not giving over growing space this year to salad leaves, I will continue to grow them like this easier to keep away from pests too.

The Chili Con Carny I cooked last night has been portioned into 2 serving containers
 Now in the freezer for future meals, very often when we are busy its difficult to find the time to cook, so having some ready meals in the freezer will take some pressure off.
I am defrosting chicken to do some meals with tomorrow.
I made a big pot of Ham lentil and potato soup today
 The cooked ham will be stripped off the bone mixed with chicken and vegetables for pie fillings.
I had some of the soup with oatcakes I found in the cupboard today.
The rest of the soup will also be portioned up.

there is a new blog on the block The Crood Family are moving to there small holding on Friday in the North of England, and will be blogging there adventure 
why not pop over and follow there exciting adventure The Crood Family Blog 

The Weather
Cold Wet and Windy sums up today, well it wasn't wet all day just sporadic along with hail and freezing sleety rain, it is all calm again now at this moment in time.
Its going to be a cold night clear sky so frost and ice for the morning.


  1. Just seen Kev's blog, you were so right about "new life springs forth", in more ways than one.

  2. It is always good to have a few meals in the freezer ready to go isn't it. Well, I think so and so do you obviously! xx

  3. Neat! I'm off to Google "oatcakes" they look yummy.

  4. Cold but clear here today. I split wood and made chicken noodle soup. It hit the spot :)

  5. This title is so apt after seeing the news about Kev and his wife's new baby , you must be psychic :D
    That soup looks absolutely delicious! xx

  6. Very mild but saturated here. Never known a Winter when I couldn't weed and dig over the veg plot. Those oatcakes look wonderful.

  7. Great food planning, homemade ready meals are a fantastic assist when you're busy or cold and tired after a long day. Thanks for the new blog tip I'll take a look.

  8. Just had a look at the Crood blog - thanks for that. Putting that on my list of keepers. Love to hear how people start a new life in their dream house - I know just how they feel, just wish I could get my dream moving on a bit quicker but news of that soon perhaps.

  9. I love oatcakes, both the Scottish type and those from the Potteries in Stoke which are more like savoury pancakes, if you have never tried them. I also have a fab recipe for little oatmeal crackers/biscuits. They are just great with cheese and homemade chutney.

  10. I like to have a few home-made meals in the freezer too, so useful xx

  11. I always have DIY meals on hand in the freezer and in canning jars....makes life a whole lot easier!

  12. Definitely the weather for soup here in North Yorkshire - and Your food looks scrummy.


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