Thursday 12 March 2015

When The Sun Shone

Tuesday was a beautiful sunny spring day, I spent the day out doors
I was re-potting the blueberry bushes
re-potting Camellia Sinensis (tea bushes)
re-potted the guavas who were desperate for some TLC
all these plants are acid loving, I had intended to have a big ericaceous raised bed made but being realistic its not going to happen soon there are too many other pressing things to get done, so it was pot on and fresh ericaceous compost, that will buy me a bit of time.
I did get some more seeds on the go
mixed salad leaves, rocket and basil they will be grown n in these baskets and in about 3-4 weeks I will sow some more baskets of salad leaves I will then do a succession of sowings through the seasons. I have about 10 of these baskets.
Tomato plants are coming on well and have now been moved out to the greenhouse
Swiss chard and Dianthus are now coming on well, in a couple of weeks the insulation will come down from the greenhouse to increase light levels if it is forecast a frost I will have some fleece on hand to throw over seedlings for protection.
The greenhouse is starting to fill up, the perennial plants I have been growing I have been planting out to make more space, I haven't had heating for the greenhouse this winter.
This arrived today a new incubator, I lent my other one to some-one along with the brooder a couple of years ago and never got them back, making a brooder is fairly easy I will need to get a heat lamp, it is disappointing when you help out some-one and they take advantage, I wont be loaning out equipment again. Next week I will start collecting duck eggs for the incubator and they will be table birds, the ducks are laying really well I am doing 8 eggs to start with, then it will be chickens for the table I haven't decided what birds to go for yet. Suggestions welcome :-)


  1. Quails are very easy to breed and hatch out, we had some when we had our own house we use to breed avairy birds and we had quails in the bottom of the aviary, they babies are so tiny. I have never tried quail eggs.

    1. Quails is something that dosent appeal, not much return but you never know perhaps one day :-)

  2. Buff Orpingtons - the farm shop we go to has Buffs beautiful looking birds beautiful eggs. I personally have not tried for meat but I understand they do make good eating. If and when I ever get my little smallholding Buff Orpingtons would be what I went for. I also quite fancy keeping some quail. The eggs are lovely.



  3. Thanks for this post, It's like a little tutorial of what I should be doing! Sewing mixed salad leaves, rocket and basil will be on the list for this weekend.

  4. Love your post, such a busy time with seeds and growing. Love your salad baskets, brilliant idea, might have to pinch that one.

  5. The buffs are good brooders and will provide you with plenty of meat birds and new replacement hens once warm weather arrives, without you needing to do a thing.


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